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Put’em on Hold

…three Red Sox players — Manny Delcarmen, Mike Timlin and Julio Lugo— took part in a five-minute phone call to the Shelton [Little League] team, representing New England, a few hours before their 8-2 loss to Tampa, Fla.

Based on this year’s performances isn’t getting a call from these three guys like a student government presidential candidate getting an inspirational call from Mike Dukakis? 

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I actually live right on the border of this town, and let me tell you, these kids are getting a ton of respect around here (as they should), and it’s been a very, very nice break from “8 Gold Medals”, and “everyone breaks the swimming world record day” going on everywhere else.

Oh, oh.
Baseball Hall of Famer Yastrzemski is hospitalized
By Howard Ulman, AP Sports Writer | August 19, 2008
BOSTON –Baseball Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski was hospitalized for tests Tuesday after experiencing what his spokesman called chest pains.
The spokesman, Dick Gordon, said Yastrzemski went to Massachusetts General Hospital in the morning.
“He had experienced some chest pains and he’s in for testing,” Gordon said.
When asked if it was serious, Gordon said: “Any time you are in the hospital, it’s got to be pretty serious.”
According to a statement released by the Red Sox this afternoon, Yastrzemski was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital this morning after experiencing discomfort and chest pains. He is undergoing evaluation and testing, and no further information is available at this time.
The 68-year-old Yastrzemski was baseball’s last player to win the Triple Crown in 1967 and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1989.

If Manny called he might be looking to sell you an old Camaro or a George Foreman grill, so at least hear his sales pitch!

not a very funny site. but thanks for the high school yearbook picture of joba. just goes to show…, things like friends and prom can keep you from becoming a major league pitcher. so avoid them.

Beckett is getting pushed back from his next start with numbness in his hand. That’s never a good sign – could be a blood clot or nerve damage. He said he just slept on it wrong. At least it explains his last start.
Yanks cut Jason Lane. Sox sign him.

Bad Dice-K, Bill? He’s given up a hit and a walk so far–he has them right where he wants them!
Daisuke then strikes out Mora and Huff. Nice.

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