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Will Bob Watson suspend Joba like he did Josh?

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I predict a very constructive conversation on this topic.
Before anyone talks about Watson’s pro-Yankee bias, remember that Joba was suspended 2 years ago for hitting nobody.

I assert nothing about Watson’s biases, I only ask the question in seriousness: Beckett was not tossed by the umps, nor warned, and the umpires at the game saw no intent, yet Watson suspended. Chamberlain was clearly throwing at a guy with intent. It’s a legitimate question.

Joba wasnt tossed, warned, and the umpires at the game saw no intent either. The difference was the pitcher’s actions after the HBP.
For the record SF i wasnt saying you said anything about Watson’s bias but every time he gets mentioned here it comes up.

So Joba shouldn’t be punished because time wasn’t called? This makes zero sense.
Joba was cruising, had struck out like 10 of his last 12 batters, and hits the guy who hit a homer off of him. At the very least he should have been warned–that’s a mistake on the umps.
Having said all of that, Beckett threw near somebody’s head (intentional or otherwise). Joba did not. This difference cannot be ignored.

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