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Has Victor Martinez been unlucky, bad, or some combination of both?* Martinez' BABIP is .227, well below his career average of .300, which leads us to believe that there is inevitable, and potentially impactful, upside at the dish. Behind it? Not so much.

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At least the obvious is now that…obvious. Geez, I get that the Sox have a smaht front office. But when a team has had a player for their entire career and decides they can’t play a position any more, why pretend that evaluation doesn’t exist or is unimportant?
I have little doubt that V-Mart will hit. The problem is, where does he play? I don’t care how well Beltre is hitting (though he has a .369 BABIP in 2010 vs. a .292 BABIP in his career). That was a terrible signing because Youkilis would hit more AND play a better 3B. Then V-Mart could play 1B. However, the real problem is having no C in the organization and just assuming they could get by. Rather than futzing around with showing how smaht they are, why not go out and get a glove for the dish? That’s two years now without one.

I don’t think for a second that V-Mart is the long term solution at all, and neither do the Red Sox. The brought him here admist Varitek hitting sub .200 and they needed a servicable person back there. I do however see his bat heating up to where it’s always been, and I do think there is a chance the Red Sox bring him back on a DH basis.
As much as Paul likes to point out his flaws, and they’re there to be sure, the Red Sox were never intent on him being the answer there…they wanted the offense.
Sooner or later, he’s going to be what he’s always been offensively.
The Red Sox will fix the catching position.
Rod – Posada being out hasn’t hurt the Yankees one bit. Cervelli has given them all he would have and more. Like “McDowell” and Hermida have given what Ellsbury and Camerone would have”.
At this rate, the Yankees should be praying for Posada to stay hurt.

Question of the day in general:
Is interleague play a good thing? (have we had this debate already?)
NO. It sucks. I hate it. I would rather be watching us play the Royals than the Mets. Being from Upstate, the whole “Subway Series” means nothing to me.

I think we miss Granderson and Aceves more than Posada Brad…weird saying that. I think Posada’s value lies solely with his bat at this point. The Francisco Kid is far better behind the plate but doesn’t have Hip Hip’s power. Romine and Montero are nice trade chips for June. Cliff Lee anyone???

I detest interleague play. So sick of it. We had a discussion about this last year, I think.
It’s not going anywhere, though. Sadly.

I thought we had SF…you know me, missing a few braincells! :)
It causes the unbalanced schedule…how is that a GOOD thing? I guess about 20 games against AAAA competition is good for the standings, but I still don’t like it.

> interleague play
It is an abomination and it should be outlawed by an act of Congress. I can plausibly buy why it is appealing for the Yanks/Mets and for the ChiSox/Cubbies. However, for every other city (including LAD/LAA and SF/Oaktown) it is a horrid joke.
And yes, division teams shouldn’t play each other ~18 times.

The only way they’ll trade Montero is if they think he’s only a DH going forward. Still, Billy Butler is pretty darn good. But if they do trade Montero I hope they’ll at least target Kemp or Hanley or even Braun. My wish list for this off-season is Lee and Werth.
Romine seems like a clear keeper. For all the talk about Exposito in Portland, Romine is crushing him and is two years younger.
As for interleague, I’m just glad the Sox have traded the Braves for the Phillies.

Holy smokes – Jayson Werth has 29 XBH (21 2Bs!!!, 8 HRs) in 40.5 games! The doubles record is 67 in 1931 by Earl Webb. No one has topped 60 since 1932 (Helton hit 59 in 2000). Me love Jayson Werth. He would look great in RF!

So what happened to Vasquez’ hand? Major injury, or nothing too serious?
Kind of sucks (for YF’s) that he gets injured after finally putting two good starts together.

Posted by: Paul from Waltham | Friday, May 21, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Mark your calendar ladies and gentlemen: the least antagonistic/inflammatory post you will ever see from this very special user.

4 awful innings so far…Hughes is struggling and the bats are SILENT as they have been for the last two weeks. These guys need to wake up and start playing…this is ATROCIOUS!

I haven’t been around as much (or watched nearly as many games) this year, but I attribute that to being more busy this year more than I do to fairweather fandom (I *have* walked away from some games I was disgusted with…bailed after the A-Rod homer in the 9th in the last loss to the Yankees).
It’s been nice watching our #5 and #6 starters shut the Phillies down, though.

Game over. 8-3. Except for the lousy inning from Ramirez a very satisfying win. Some momentum going into St. Pete. And the bullpen should be well rested. Now we need ’em to show that they actually can beat the Rays. Two out of three would be nice.

Game over in the 2nd inning. CC getting lit up. Errors. No hittings. What the fuck is wrong with us??? This is getting ridiculous. Literally every single thing that ailed the Mets, we have remedied. I am speechless at this point.

Really, Krueg? I was almost certain that I had already been informed of all the answers to this season’s questions. What’s left to answer? I thought I knew exactly what this season was going to look like in September before June even got here.
hmph. Thanks for letting me know there is a reason to watch.

Well, I assume we are going to get hot and dominate and win the World Series so in that sense the season’s questions ARE answered…now, how we get to that point is the rollercoaster! ;)

Well, obviously we have a serious flaw in the definition of “answer”, Krueg.
That being said, if New York pulls a New York, and starts to feel as if the already owned gaggle of all stars isn’t enough offense, and they go get another big bat to compliment them, I have a hard time disagreeing.
If New York goes and make some asanine move for another big hitter, or another pitcher, it’ll be a much, much harder race to be involved in for any other team.

ahhh. Yeah, I’d love to believe you’re right, but being a human being with eyeballs that frequently watch baseball, I’ll believe it when I see it. Ive seen too many times an already stacked Yankee team make a move. It doesn’t always work, but it definitely happens.

Not to say there won’t be a move, but it just doesn’t seem like anything is imminent.
I’m not panicking or anything, if there’s a move to made they’ll probably make it, you’re right about that…
Cliff Lee anyone??? :)

haha. You joke, but I can completely see them making that move. Or the Oswalt one. Either way, I can see this Yankee team looking at how things are panning out with the Rays, and the Sox playing well as of late, and making a move to tip the balance back in their favor. Not that the scale is not on their side from a talent standpoint anyhow, but like I said, that doesn’t always work out.
I can see them moving small pieces for a Lee rental more than any other move, but for that to happen, they need to lose a starter. Or, maybe picking up a guy like Konerko (who will be available) to DH for them. At that point, and I’ve said this a hundred times, it’s just rediculous.
But, regardless, I can see it:)

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