Thoughts from a Merry Jewish Christmas in Boston

It would serve some of our readers well to hop over to this excellent thread at SoSH to see a small sample of RSN’s reaction to this offseason.  While the big names in the print and television media blast away at both the fleeing free agents and the front office that decided they were too expensive, many of the team’s fans are actually quite reasonable, taking a longer view of things. That’s not quite what our bombastic press (or a good number of our YF posters at this site) want to believe is the truth.  At my family holiday get-together back home in the suburbs of Boston I was able to conduct a ridiculously unscientific poll.  Here are the results of my own study – names have been muddled to protect the innocent.

  • Uncle Stinky (my father’s Brother in Law): Offseason?  Disastrous.  Lucchino? Public Enemy #1. Damon? Greedy but entitled. Turkey gave him gas? Most definitely.
  • Uncle B—– (my father’s brother): Relative apathy, with tinges of pessimism. (See what a championship can do to one’s attitude?!)
  • my Brother in Law E—- (a Cardinals fan): "The Redbirds signed Sidney Ponson!  The Redbirds signed Sidney Ponson!" (Nothing like someone singing the praises of a fat Aruban cop-puncher to make me feel better about how the Sox treated this year’s free agent class)
  • Cousin M—- (a New Yorker) – "the Knicks really suck".
  • Mrs. SF – "I go where Johnny goes" (Hot stove surprise for Mrs SF?  Papers to be served in early 2006)
  • SF-Dad: It’s December. Too early to tell. Doesn’t matter who signed Damon, too much $$$. Can’t make decisions based on Yankees actions. (He’s his son’s father, we’re proud to admit)
  • SF-Mom – It’s December. They’re blowing it already. (see what a championship can do to one’s attitude?!)
  • Soxbaby Isaac – "Dort dor dor".  Roughly translated: "Theo’s working in the shadows".

There you have it.  A mass of differing opinions, all valid.  Especially the one about the Knicks.

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  • Okay, we’re all in agreement: the Knicks blow.

    YF December 27, 2005, 9:49 pm

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