Quick Work

John Lieber looked solid in his return today, a big boost to the Yankees if he can stay healthy. He’s probably worked his ass off for two years to come back, so even though I’d rather see him fail, he deserves kudos for such a fine effort.

But, the best part of Lieber, for all of us baseball fans, is how fast he works. Pitch after pitch, delivered quickly and with no dillydallying. It’s so much more enjoyable to watch baseball when hurlers are efficient and fast-paced, even if the result isn’t the one desired.

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  • Isn’t it refreshing? We sure hope Jose Contreras was watching. Mike Mussina, too.
    Otherwise, the vagaries of the season continue. The Sox, after a 9-1 sprint–we thought they might be running away with things–have now dropped 3 in a row to Texas. Meanwhile the Yanks are looking again like world beaters against the slumping A’s and Royals.
    In the NYT today, Alan Schwartz suggests the Yankees batting woes–and in particular those of the Captain during his 0-32 skid–can only be explained statistically as stupendously bad luck.

    YF May 2, 2004, 10:58 am
  • Two in a row for the Rangers. The third is tonight – they were rained out Friday. Don’t make the Sox “slump” worse than it is please.

    SF May 2, 2004, 12:03 pm