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We’re big fans of Jon Miller, and have been since the mid-80s, when we first heard him calling O’s games down in Baltimore. There’s no better voice in the game. But last night both he and Joe Morgan (for whom we have a lot less patience) seemed ill-prepared for the game they were broadcasting, and the gaps in their knowledge were glaring. (Miller, for example, clearly did not know Minnesota reliever Jesse Crain’s first name until it was relayed by a producer.) This is primarily a function of ESPN’s decision to have the team cover a different series every day, so we’ll cut them a little slack. But there was really no excuse for their constant chatter during the Yanks 12th inning rally. The tension was mounting. The crowd was booming. If ever there was a time to sit back and let the game speak for itself, this was it. But Morgan and Miller simply would not stop talking over the action. Some of the analysis was pertinent, but for the most part it was superfluous, a needless distraction from the play on the field. Sssssh!

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  • I wasn’t listening but some Sam Horn posters said Morgan referred to Lieber as “Lieberman” and the Yankees pitching coach as “Todd Stottlemyre” (twice)! Can you verify?
    Also, it’s beyond belief that Fox and ESPN have such unprepared announcers for the most important games of the year. On ESPN’s Red Sox/Angels broadcast, Berman/Sutcliffe/Gwynn were unlistenable, spouting old (and completely wrong) info. You’d think these would be plum jobs and the networks could attract top talent.
    I wish I could mute the announcers and still get crowd noise.

    Allan October 7, 2004, 12:08 pm
  • Yes, I can confirm that Morgan repeatedly confused Stottlemyre pere and fils. And he was as misleading as a Swift Boat ad, with his constant suggestion that this Yankee team is a free-swining bunch that doesn’t value getting on base as it had in the past, nevermind that the Yank lineup included 5 of the top 10 walk leaders in the AL.

    YF October 7, 2004, 12:42 pm
  • I turned the sound off, watched the Red Sox/Angels in total silence. Chris Berman is a 50-year old child, totally unlistenable.
    However, upon hearing the replay of Stirling’s WCBS game-ending call replayed this morning, my eardrums started bleeding, something that didn’t occur even as the ESPN bozos chattered away intolerably. Stirling makes Rush Limbaugh sound professional. The guy is a total clown, so selfish. There’s such a thing as having a signature call, and then there’s making the signature call the center of the universe, as opposed to the game itself. Someone take his microphone away, please.

    SF October 7, 2004, 12:44 pm
  • I have to say, I love Sterling and his admittedly goofy call at the end of games that the Yanks win. Sure, he’s a total homer, but so what? ‘Bernie goes boom!’ ‘An A-bomb, from A-Rod!’ ‘Jorgie juiced one!’ ‘The Sayonara Kid!’ ‘The Giambino!’ ‘Another Jeterian blast!’ I mean, okay–pretty much all his calls are goofy, but as a Yanks fan, you get to love hearing him make them. The guy certainly grows on you. Gimme the Yanks radio broadcasts over Fox any day of the week. (Like SF noted in a different thread, I find the overheated graphics on Fox pretty much intolerable.) I guess I can understand SF’s irritance w/ Sterling, but I think calling the man selfish and saying he’s worse than Limbaugh is going a bit far. I still haven’t entirely warmed to Charlie Steiner, however.

    Spidey October 7, 2004, 2:22 pm
  • Sterling’s game-ending call is all about himself. That’s it. Just like Berman’s “back-back-back” call is all about Berman, about a advertising oneself. Sterling’s call is solipsistic and, like Morgan and Miller talking over the tension, about asserting his dominion over the game, not letting the sounds of the game speak loudly for themselves. It’s cheap and unprofessional, in my opinion.

    SF October 7, 2004, 2:57 pm
  • Hey SF,
    He’s a Yankee announcer, and we love it. He’s paid by the Yankees. He’s awesome as far as I’m concerned. I personally cannot stand the Mets announcers since they make a playoff game sound like a spring training warm up, and I’ve never heard the Sox announcers so I can’t comment on them. Does Sterling make a regular season Yankee game sound like the defining battle of the apocalypse? Yes, bless his soul. You don’t like him, don’t listen, that’s what the on/off switch is for. As far as comparing him to a scumbag like Limbaugh, Sterling maybe comical, farcical, and definitely over the top, but he’s no hypocritical egomaniacal paranoid schizophrenic self-hating hate monger like Limbaugh. So ease up, relax, take a chill pill, do whatever it is Sox fans do while waiting for their team to collapse.

    Joe (YF) October 7, 2004, 3:56 pm
  • Like it or not, those calling games have now become part of what is a larger work of “entertainment.” That’s not going to change. We just wish the colorful color men and playful play-by-players would have a bit more discretion with their calls. We’re willing to put up with some showbiz, but the fundamental job remains the same: call the game accurately, stay out of the way when the play speaks for itself, add to the drama when appropriate.

    YF October 7, 2004, 4:03 pm
  • Amen, YF. And Joe – I try not to listen to Sterling, at all costs. I heard the replay of his call on the radio this morning (not last night), and think it falls in with what YF posted about – announcers getting in the way of the action. Sterling almost always does that, regular season or not, and I find it, in general, unlistenable. Hence, I don’t generally listen to him.
    Also, if you do a search through the site, you can probably find our thoughts on announcers of all ilks. The Mets’ (RIP Bob Murphy) are superb, though admittedly more clinical, as you say. But Gary Cohen is, in my opinion, the absolute best radio man in the region (Boston included), bar none, and he’s hardly an emotionless automaton. Just remember what team he’s covering. ;)

    SF October 7, 2004, 4:48 pm
  • Things are getting worse, Chris Berman and his merry crew just can’t stop talking and half of it isn’t relevant to the game situation. Let the beautiful game speak for itself the constant rambling on detracts from the build up of tension.

    Norm October 10, 2004, 10:12 am

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