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No matter what happens tonight, the final day of the season will still be meaningful for the teams atop the AL.

The Yanks could clinch the AL East tonight with a win over Boston and a Baltimore loss to Tampa Bay.  In that scenario, if the Rangers lose, the Yanks will also clinch home-field advantage throughout the ALDS and ALCS, but the AL West would then be up for grabs in the final Rangers-A’s game on Wednesday.  On the other hand, if all the above happens but the Rangers win tonight, then the Yankees and Rangers will be battling it out Wednesday night for best record in the AL, determining who plays the winner of the wild-card playoff and who matches up with Detroit,  and the O’s and A’s will be battling to see who has to fly across the country to play the other in wild-card play-in game.

Of course, if the Yanks lose tonight, Wednesday becomes critical for them and for Baltimore.  And if the Rangers also lose tonight we’ll have a 4-way tie for the best record in the AL and both the AL East and AL West titles will come down to Wednesday’s games.  No matter what you think of the additional wild-card spot, there is no doubt that it’s got every team desperately trying to take the division and avoid the vageries of a single-game playoff.

As for individual performances, with his 4-for-5 performance including his 44th home run of the season last night , Miguel Cabrera is alone atop all three triple crown categories – a 4-point lead in BA over Mike Trout, a single HR advantage over Josh Hamilton, and a seemingly insurmountable 10-RBI lead over Hamilton.  It is simply amazing what he has done this year and regardless of the superlative rookie season turned in by Trout, Cabrera is all but certain to take home the AL MVP, especially now that Trout’s team is out of playoff contention.

Meanwhile, Robinson Cano is absolutely on fire.  On the season he is second in WAR for all players (though more than 3 points behind Mike Trout’s ridiculous 10.7 WAR), and his recent play is off the charts.  In the last 6 games he is batting .577 with an OPS of 1.533.  Everything he hits is a rocket yielding a BAbip of .583.  And that caps off a stretch of 28 days in which he has batted .337 with an OPS of .921.

No one calls it impressive when Goliath actually holds his own against an inspired David who is punching well above his weight, but you have to give it to the Yankees.  Notwithstanding the frustrations and patches of mediocrity, they have not panicked despite the hot-beyond-belief play of the Orioles.  They have embodied Andy Pettitte’s bend-but-don’t-break character, and at the moment, they have within their grasp – without having to rely on anyone else – the best record in the league and home-field throughout the playoffs.  Based on how this season has gone, it would be true to form for them to slip right back into a 2-way (or even 4-way) tie tonight, but for the next 9 hours at least, things look really good.

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krueg, your team is two wins away from clinching the best record in the AL and home-field advantage through the ALDS and ALCS. Smile brother.

If that happens, I will smile. For like a second.

If that happens and we make it out of the first round. I’ll smile for a minute.

If THAT happens and we win the ALCS. I will smile for a day.

IF THAT HAPPENS and we win the WS. THEN I can smile.

Tex hits into his second rally-killing DP of the game…


Fire Girardi.

ARod is fucking worthless.

Tex is back to form. 0-for-3 w/RISP including two sparkiling DP’s.

Blown chance after blown chance after blown chance…way to move your best hitter DOWN in the order Girardi you FUCKING MORON.

O’s win today, we lose. Blow the gift they gave us.

Win tomorrow maybe, go to Baltimore Thursday.


Wild Card game Friday.


Season over.

This is what this garbage fucking team deserves. There is no fucking reason that it should come this. Lost two in Toronto to a garbage team, blow the lead against a HORRENDOUS Twins team. Not to mention the MANY games we blew leads in or couldn’t rally in the 9th…

Whatever. Fuck this team.

Here’s where Phelps implodes…the lead grows…

Then we go to the bullpen, more runs.

Our offense gets about 10 guys on base the last 4 innings and scores ZERO runs.


Joba in to let up a couple more runs…

But we should be fine. I mean, we’ve been coming back to win games like CRAZY the last two years…it’s a regular occurrence. OH WAIT, NO IT’S NOT!

Have to agree witth u on Cano krueg. He’s the hottest hitter in baseball and should not be hitting 5th. Rays down to their final out vs. the O’s. If the A’s win we’ll have a 4-way tie for the AL top seed. Unless of course the Yanks have some magic in them tonight.

In an f’ing game in which Shields pitches a complete game 2-hitter with a career high 15 K’s, the Orioles still win. They are simply destined to take this freaking division. I mean, that is ridiculous.

Teixeira a disaster at the plate tonight. Tries to jump start him by putting him in front of Cano. Did not work.

Granderson closing in on 200 strikeouts on tthe season. This would be among the most painful…

Gardner gets picked off of firstt base. Really??? Way to go out with a wimper. On to the 9th. And I was dumb enogh to by tix to 2 ALDS and one ALCS game today. Yes, I am a fool.

This is fucking inexcusable. Let’s get real.

Are you fucking telling me that this team is going to win in the playoffs when they can’t even beat the fucking Red Sox? Seriously? The O’s gave us a gift last night. All they had to do was win out. Against a CLEARLY inferior team, at home, with EVERYTHING on the line. If they can’t win this one, how the FUCK are they going to beat GOOD teams????

The last two years have been pathetic. SO many inexcusable losses, so many fucking choke-jobs by these overpaid fucking losers…but this one, THIS ONE, takes the fucking cake. Seriously. This is beyond the pale.

FIRE FUCKING EVERYONE. GIRARDI IS A FUCKING IDIOT. Best player, yeah, let’s move him down in the order…WHY??? WHY???? WHAT THE FUCK MORON????

I am beside myself.

It’s fun to post crazy immature bullshit on here and I am rarely serious. But this time I am. This is the point where I question if I should buy the MLB package next year. I am that angry and disappointed.

Granderson lead-off single. Really great thatt Soriano turnedd our 1-run deficit to a 2-run gap. Infuriating. Ibanez in.

Swisher walked inttentionally to get to A-Rod. Make them pay. For once. Come on Alex. This is the kind of hit that could send hi into the playoffs with some much needed confidence. PLEASE!

Bases loaded for Teix, who has been a GIDP machine tonight. A long fly is all we need.


Fucking incredible.

Cannot even hit a fucking fly ball. FB. Right down the middle.


Weak ass groundout. Meat of the order can’t bring in a single run with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs. Damnit. And our best relievers have been used up.

Story of the season IH…and the reason we aren’t 6 games up and have home field clinched already.

Yeah – this is the starnded-RISP crew for sure. Our MVPs with RISP are Jetter and two guys off the bench (Chavez + Ibanez). They’re blowing Soriano out completely for tomorrow night. 2 outs.

Yep, and you KNOW the O’s will win tomorrow so if we lose this game, probable, and are in a close game tomorrow just to tie…no closer.

I hate Girardi. I never really liked him that much but he has been an idiot this season more than usual.

I would rather just lose and go to the Wild Card game than have to play a tie-breaker THEN go play a Wild Card game.

Anything other than winning these two games and we’re fucked. I think you would agree.


We should not even be in this situation. Never should have been close.

We are going to be here all fucking night…completely blow out the whole team.

This is just beyond comprehension.


NEVER should have been that close.

Raul has been our most clutch player. That is pretty sad for the $20-30 million players on this team…

You will bring good luck being in the house IH…bring a “Hi Krueg” sign so I can find you.

Section 428, Row 1 — perrfect for hanging signs. We’ll bring K’s to count the strikeouts but spell krueg with them rather than Kuroda…

Mark Teixeira personaly stranded 9 baserunners tonight. I’d like to see Suzuki/Jeter/Swisher/Cano/A-Rod/Teixeira/Granderson/Marttin/Nunez

Wow – the Rangers are 3 outs from losing…have been so focused on the Baltimore/NY/Oakland wild-card possibilities and had not really pondered seeing, say, Texas and Baltimore face off in a one-game play-in game. Could very well happen…

I watched the end of the A’s and Dodgers games…wow. I have never been very excited by baseball, Yankees aside, but this year has been crazy! Last game and nothing is set in the AL? Insanity.

My lineup: Jeter/Swish/AFail/Cano/Tex/Kurtis/Muscle/Raul/Ichi

Just have to win one game. Everything we wanted is within reach. AL East. Home Field. One. Win.

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