Random Musings, YF Style

-To everyone hemming and hawing about the demise of Pedro last week–including Jayson Stark on ESPN.com–last night’s performance should come as a bracing dose of reality.

-Thanks Forbes for the breakdown of MLB club values and earnings, which make clear the inanity of Bud Selig’s protestations of poverty among owners. Over the past 6 years, franchise values have increased at a rate 50% greater than the S&P 500. Teams reporting profits in the “red” included the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, and Braves–all big market clubs with fat broadcasting deals–while small marketers like the Brewers, A’s, Tigers, and Royals are in the Black. As usual, gimlet-eyed analysis on this and also Bud’s other economic foibles at Doug Pappas’s Business of Baseball Website–where would we be without it?

-According to MLB, 27.2 percent of players on opening day rosters are foreign born, a modest increase over last year. But the big news comes from the minors where 47.6 percent of players are foreign. On the diversity front, the Yankees have 13 foreign players (that puts them at #2) as well as 4 African-Americans (as opposed to just one–Derek–last year).

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