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My least favorite Red Sox: Gabe Kapler. Has this guy ever not hit a ground ball?

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  • Anti-Semite!

    Anonymous September 7, 2004, 2:23 am
  • Now THERE’S a baseless charge! I may hate Kapler, but it ain’t because he’s Jewish, to paraphrase Woody Allen.

    SF September 7, 2004, 7:48 am
  • hatin’ on the hammer is not recommended.
    first of all, a time he DIDN’T hit a ground ball was against the Rangers on Sunday, batting in Jason Varitek with two outs to score what turned out to be the winning run.
    second of all, it’s easy to disparage kapler because on a team like ours he’s a bench guy. just about anywhere else, though, he’d be a starter. AND he’d make much more money. we get him for the league minimum, because he loves boston.
    that’s nothing to look down on.
    and surely you can’t dislike kapler more than, say, byung-hyun kim?

    beth September 7, 2004, 1:18 pm
  • Hey, when BK gets back to the bigs, Kapler leaves the doghouse, fine by me. As for his performance, yeah, I know he’s a sub, and I do know he got that hit Sunday, so I am not saying he makes zero contributions to the team. But still, we can’t love everyone, right?

    SF September 7, 2004, 2:11 pm
  • Gabe! The reverse-jinx strikes again. Bwaaaahahahaha.

    SF September 7, 2004, 10:30 pm

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