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Rangers-Cards Serious Final Game


Hard to live up to game six, but still, tense.

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F*ck that movie. And f*ck the Cardinals…I can appreciate they deserve the victory as much as anyone (and scratched hard for it last night), but I feel sorry for the senior citizen Texas fans who’ve never seen a championship and got so royally reamed last night (also…I’m from Texas)…can’t muster the same sympathy for the 5-year-old Cardinals fans who are wondering if they’ll see just one championship in their lifetime.

Guess there was a let down on the Ranger’s end after that “Worse (5 errors, plus a bunch of non-errors errors, and 2 wild pitches)” best game of the world series….*
DISCLAIMER: If Texas comes back and wins, disregard.

Well, it’s the 7th inning, might as well turn it on and see if I can jink either team. For those that don’t know I blame myself for the Sox meltdown with my 1st ever subscription to the MLB Extra Innings package which was only purchased after telling my wife in February how “Awesome” this year’s Sox were going to be. She talked to her parents and sister and pooled money to get the package as an early B-day (June 4th – a 14 inning win against Oakland that put them 1 game out of first) present. Now I have to decide whether to keep it or cancel for next year?!?!?!

Terrible pitching by the Texas staff in the entire series except for Holland. Oh well, at least it is over and it’s only a few days until free agency starts rolling fully.

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