Rangers-Yanks ALCS Gamer III

Cliff Lee for Texas, Andy Pettitte for New York.  Bring some bats, Yankees.  Comment away.

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Walk for Lee…no perfect game but he can still no hit us. We’re finished. Our season is going to come down to AJ and even if he wins, we can’t even touch Lee.
I have to say this season really kinda sucked.

No hitter is broken up with a bloop single by Hip Hip…followed promptly by another K for Lee.
We are fucked. Our offense is a fucking joke…has been for over 2 months now. Aside from one fucking inning Game 1.

Hey, guess what? You don’t score runs by WATCHING STRIKES GO BY. God these guys need to get ripped into. Child’s play.
May be my last comment for 12-21 days (according to the delivery estimate). My charger is apparently broken and I have 20 minutes left on my battery. Let’s hope for a better bottom of the 9th and rest of the series.

Looks like this series is over. Leadoff double and now a single by Vlad…1st and 3rd, no outs in the 9th…
They just want it more. We don’t even seem to give a fuck.
AJ won’t make it out of the 2nd inning tomorrow which will destroy the bullpen.
Rangers win in 5. We finally put the streak of playing like fucking garbage the last three months to bed without so much as a whimper.
We may be witnessing the end of an era.

“YFs bailed out of the Stadium well before the second out in the top of the 9th”
Yeah, I think they all headed to the same bar you went to when the Sox fell to fourth in the division this year.
The Stadium was quiet most of the night and not only because Cliff Lee is superman in October. The PA system, which often seems way too loud for my aging ears was incredibly quiet and muffled all night. I don’t know if it was because of the national telecast or what but it was really strange.
Most indicative moment of the night was when Nick Swisher got a standing ovation simply for pushing Lee to a 3-2 count in an extended at bat, I think in the 5th or 6th. Of course, he promptly made an out.
Our fate rests in the hands of AJ Burnett. Whoopee. I’ll be in nosebleed seats for it tonight, which is a good thing. I wouldn’t want to be too close to what’s likely to transpire.
I honestly think we should have an over/under on AJ’s total hit-by-pitch/wild pitch/walk/stolen-base-against. The only thing working against his spiking a record total for a post-season game is that he should have an extremely short leash. Otherwise I’d put it as high as 8.
By the way, Jeter looked horrible last night. Unlike much of the year, when he struggled primarily against guys who pitched to contact, last night he looked completely overmatched by Lee’s 92 – 93mph fastball up in the zone. Again and again.

i am the classic opti-pessimist…i am forcing myself to feel good about tonight’s game even if the rest of the world, and logic, is screaming at me that it is more likely to be 8-0 than last night was…but i want to believe that burnout can come through like the guy everybody thinks he should be but isn’t all too often, that the slumbering offense will wake up and string together a few innings like they did in the 8th inning of game 1, that cliff lee is beatable, so i shouldn’t be afraid of a game 7 because he’s “due” for a loss, isn’t he?…he is human isn’t he?…he’s lost before, right?…a long, long time ago?…i know the fat lady is warming up, i can hear her, but i want to believe…

Great. I was kinda hoping NY would slaughter Lee this game. I hate the idea of yet another 26M dollar pitcher on pitching for NY next year. I really, really want him to just stay in Texas, but something tells me he isn’t gonna.
Yeah, I think they all headed to the same bar you went to when the Sox fell to fourth in the division this year.
That’s a low blow. He was just pointing out what was happening, man. They did all get up and leave, so why the need to go there?

Sorry Brad, but Hudson has a pattern. It’s actually remarkably consistent. As in consistently obnoxious. He shows up rarely, makes a remark intended to do nothing but antagonize YFs, and leaves. To the extent that he was simply noting something that happened I too am simply noting that he (notice I did not refer to any SFs other than him) similarly disappears whenever his team is doing poorly. You are right, many YFs got up and left. And so am I: Hudson leaves whenever his team is down.
Yeah dc – somewhere very deep inside of me, there is a flicker of hope that Burnett might throw his one great game of the past 3 months tonight. I just hope it doesn’t get completely doused before the first out of the 1st inning is recorded.

Fair enough, IH.
My guess is that Burnett throws another dud tonight, but in the grand scope of things, so does the Texas kid, and the Yanks win by four.

I think the interesting aspect of Burnett, like Beckett, is that it’s so confusing as to how either of them are ever hit at all. They both have so much talent, great breaking and fast stuff, and yet somehow, nothing between the ears.
Next year is going to be intersting with these two.
And, I think you’re right, IH: Burnett needs a quick few innings to find a rythm; texas putting up a four spot before two outs in the first is NOT what Yankee fans need to see at this point.

i’m not so sure he’ll end up in new york brad…sure the yankees will go after him and offer him a lot of money, and probably more than anybody else, and his good friend cc will probably try to convince him to consider it, but he is starting to remind me of a guy who might rather beat the yankees than join them…kind of the schilling mindset…i’m probably way off, like i have been about everything else, but he’ll have a lot of attractive options, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to sacrifice a few million to sign with a team that has a chance to make october miserable for the yankees [assuming they get there again]…his legacy is already being carved out as a non-yankee yankee-killer…why not continue that?…as much as i love the yankees, if he asked me for advice, i’d tell him to look for a younger team with a good manager [not that girardi isn’t] that has good chance to win, like the one he’s on…
i consider myself a loyal yankee fan, but i think even i would have left at the point the rangers were piling on in the top of the 9th…sure, epic comebacks can happen late in games [see game 1], but the lethargic approach the yankees took the entire game suggested otherwise…i was already in a bar, but luckily it was pretty empty, with only 3 other people, non-fans really, but they root for the yankees because they love me…
sorry you had to go to a game that wound up like that IH, although it was a good one up until that 9th inning…i hope you have a better one tonight with a better outcome…

i can’t decide what’s motivating me more for tonight’s game…hoping that burnout has the best game of his career because, well, he is a yankee, and i’m a yankee fan, duh, or if it’s because i want to shut the “experts” up in the media who declared this series over before the first pitch was thrown last night…i know we’ve worn out the subject of yankee bias, and maybe i’m just being a baby about being down 2-1, and i’m annoyed about being wrong about how last night’s game could have turned out, but the cliff lee lovefest is really grossing me out…it’s almost creepy…i’m also growing weary of the plucky young upstarts from the bankrupt ranger team, rescued by a real baseball hero, nolan ryan, beating the big bucks yankees tired old storyline…i actually heard one of those yahoos [can’t remember who, does it matter?] use the “david v. goliath” reference…[insert vomit here]…the silver lining if the yankees are finished off by texas is that i won’t have to listen to those 2 assclowns, buck and macarver gush on about the phillies/giants out of one side of their mouths, while bashing the yankees out of the other side…i can’t believe the depths that baseball announcing and commentary has sunk too, when i hear stuff like ron darling is really good at analysis…really?…is that the best you got?

Brad, without even looking at the stats (and therefore being completely open to being proven factually wrong on this one) I would swap or Burnett for your Beckett any day. I haven’t followed closely enough to understand what exactly happened to Beckett this year – I know it was a horrible year for him. But he has been a legit ace up until this year, hasn’t he? Burnett is so flammable he just kills you as a fan.
On Lee, I was thinking the same thing dc, i.e. he has become – and seems to enjoy – the Yankee-killer persona. One hard part though is that he has gotten there again and again through trades and mid-season action, right? I mean, if he wants to settle down AND be on the big stage every year, a long-term deal with NY might be exactly what he wants and the young talented team with enough money to keep him and substantial other talent to assure a similar Oct regularity might be hard to find. It’s actually a good thing to consider – what teams fit that bill today? The Twins? They’d go far with Lee I’d think…

IH, Beckett was just a big plate of suck this year. Hurt, sucking, whatever: the end result was not good.
On what teams, here’s my order of likeliness for Mr. Lee:
I don’t think Boston is even gonna kick the tires on Lee, and if they do, it’s a ploy to jack up the price. He’s already going to be MORE expensive than CC, and rightfully so (if that can be considered “right”). I cannot see Boston even getting close unless they cut ties with Vmart, Ortiz, DiceK, and Papelbon.

I watched the entire game, though no on ereally commented here.
He seems to be more clutch than CC, but price is also determined by market, and I thought (generally) everyone’s trying to get it down. Maybe if we can get rid of AJ somehow.
Is Igawa finally coming off? Vazquez too, I guess, and that’s 16 mil or so right there..

according to cot’s we’ve got a 2011 obligation for $4m on igawa…but yeah, javy’s $11.5m will be off the books, and i doubt we’d invite nick[ed] johnson back, so there’s $5.5m more…it gets complicated though…do we bring back wood [$11m club option], pettitte [$11.75m in ’10]…?…i hope the answer is yes on both…berkman probably won’t be back…the club option for $15m was “declined” when he was traded…and we still need to sign mo, jeter, and girardi…cashman’s going to have a busy and probably expensive off season…
to be fair to the media folks that i’ve been justifiably bashing over their lack of real insight and blatant bias, i have read a few pieces that hit the nail on the head…the yankees must be kicking themselves in the pants over not closing the deal for cliff lee earlier in the season…from what i understand it wouldn’t have cost a whole lot more to land him [somebody like ivan nova], with the risk being that he doesn’t agree to an extension…so, i look at it this way: who’s had more of an impact on this post season?…ivan nova, or cliff lee?…

AJ Burnett is the sole reason we had a bad year. Period. If that moron was even able to go .500 in his starts, we would have won the East by 5 games. Now, our entire season comes down to this redneck idiot. We are so fucked. Although he is capable of throwing a good game, he won’t.
Thanks AJ for single-handedly ruining our season. Get ready for a rough last 3 years of your contract getting booed every home start by your own fans.

that moron was even able to go .500 in his starts, we would have won the East by 5 games..
In a vacuum, yes.
However, scenarios can be drawn across the board on this. What if Beckett did the same? What if Carlos Pena had a normal year? What if, what if, what if..
Fact is, he needs to step up, and most importantly, do not walk guys. He is simply not the same guy out of the stretch, and Ron Washington is going to put serious pressure on Posada (if he even starts here) wit AJ in the stretch.

It’s this last comment Brad that reflects why I am so dreading tonight. If it goes the way I expect it to go, it will not just be that AJ gets hit, but that he hits guys, throws wild pitches, walks a ton, the Rangers steal second, third, and perhaps even home off him as a result. It is the humiliating effect of this death by a thousand pinpricks that AJ conjures up for me. And I dread it.

In a vacuum, yes.
However, scenarios can be drawn across the board on this. What if Beckett did the same? What if Carlos Pena had a normal year? What if, what if, what if..
Yeah, I agree with you but it doesn’t change the fact. And yes, he needs to step up…but he won’t.

You’re my kind of fan. Really, I started out really not liking you, but in the end (like with, dc) we’ve come full circle.
I love guys that look at things like you do: especially pitchers who lose who have no good business ever getting beat.

I heart you too Brad. :)
AJ has no mental toughness this year. He has shown it in small, well spread out instances in between his tidal wave of horridness. It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely.
It’s tough enough to win it all, let alone repeat. No matter the payrolls, it comes down to the players on the field and in baseball, all you really need is good pitching to win. We certainly have not gotten great pitching in the ALCS and it’s likely the reason we’re fucked. CC needs a rest, Andy needs to retire and we need to retool that rotation with Lee. Hell, if you can’t beat him, buy him… :)

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