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Red (Sox) Scare

Alarming. That's the first word that comes to mind after reading the reports out of our nation's capital:

And if there were that many tens of thousands of local Red Sox fans just thirsting for some Red Sox action in D.C., it stands to reason that someone would eventually find a way to tap into that market, even in summers when the Red Sox don’t visit the area.

And thus, welcome to the first day of the first year of Red Sox Camp — the official summer camps of the Boston Red Sox — in, yes, Bethesda. It’s believed to be the first team-branded MLB camp outside of a team’s home market. The camp was open for up to 125 kids ages 5-13; it sold out. In, yes, Bethesda.

This insiduous plan must be stopped dead in its tracks. But let's not pretend that MLB, on its own, is up to the job. The Yanks must lead the way. So I say, anywhere a Sox camp is built, 10 Yankees camps should be set up surrounding it! We're in a battle for hearts and minds. We cannot afford to  lose lest anarchy rule the day.

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I like it, shrewd move by the team. Building the fan base means more revenue for the team. I don’t mind the pink hats, bandwagon jumpers, etc rooting for the team. The team get the revenue and it not like they don’t spend on salaries.

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