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Reflecting: Jays-Yanks Gamer

Doug Drabek made his Major League debut as a rookie for the Yankees in ’86. I remember watching a couple of his games that year, if not the results, and I had his card. His son Kyle was born the next year. Now here is Kyle facing the Yankees for the second time this year, recording a ND on the 19th. Funny how the decades sneak up on ya.

AJ is on the bump for the Bombers, as he was for said same game at Rogers Centre when Mo blew his first save of the year, and the Jays went on to win 6-5. Let’s have no more of that nonsense. Comment away.

Tyler Kepner wrote a Times article on Jose Bautista, that newly-found monster what destroys baseballs, pitchers and all hope of ye who enter his lair.

R. Davis cf .167
Y. Escobar ss .283
J. Bautista rf .372
A. Lind 1b .262
J. Rivera lf .217
D. Cooper dh .000
E. Encarnacion 3b .257
J. Molina c .286
M. McCoy 2b .233
K. Drabek rhp 3.30
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .258
C. Granderson cf .272
M. Teixeira 1b .253
R. Cano 2b .319
N. Swisher rf .225
E. Chavez 3b .296
J. Posada dh .130
R. Martin c .292
B. Gardner lf .179
A.J. Burnett rhp 3.52

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Curtis badly misplays a liner…Davis triples. Scores on a groundout. 0-1.
I hope they score that an error. AJ looks good so far.
Nope, they gave him a hit? No way. AJ deserved better.
Let’s see if the bats actually show up today.

2 on…1 out…AJ getting screwed by half-swing infield singles and bad defense.
This could be a long day with the way we HAVEN’T been swinging the bats.

Luckily the pathetic grounder he hit was slow enough to not be a DP…plus Chavez got a piece of the dude too.
Just retire Jorge. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Gardner still draws a walk…bases loaded…again…
Jeter is up and I’m not even going to say it…
1 out. Chance to open up the scoring…unlike yesterday.

Absolute fucking joke of a called strike three…this umpire is fucking pathetic. Not your fault Tex.
3-1 after 2 and we ran Drabek’s pitch count up big time.

More horrendous calls by the Ump…he’s now jawing with Girardi…I mean, these pitches are not even CLOSE to strikes???
Chavez to 2nd on a passed ball…2nd with 1 out…

Jeter flies out to right, but Jorge is on 3rd and would undoubtedly get thrown out so Jeter with another unproductive at-bat with the bases loaded.
At least it wasn’t a DP!

Granderson lines it to right, but not deep enough and Bautista hauls it in.
Hopefully this squander won’t come back to bite them. AJ needs a lockdown inning. Oh what am I worried about, AJ is contractually obligated not to lose in April. I heard that Cashman wanted to save money on AJ’s contract, so he left out all the other months, what a dummy!

After a long at-bat full of foul balls, Rivera elevates a ball against old friend Jose Molina and Jose ropes it to the centerfield wall for a standup double.
Keep the ball down, Mo!

A popup to Swisher and the Yankees win a tight one 5-4! Rivera sets a personal record with 9 saves before May. Could have been 11!
15 wins in April is good enough for me.

Soriano trying to turn the page. We certainly need him to. With Mo’s velocity down I think we’ll see a lot more of those long ABs with endless foul balls, but he is still confounding guys. 15 in April isn’t exactly setting the world on fire and I’d love for the Yankees to have dug Boston into a bigger hole given the troubles they are having, but this is still a hell of a lot better position vis-a-vis Boston than I expected at this stage. i
In the big picture of the 2011 season, whatever the Yanks can do to take days off the calendar while staying in (or close) to first gets them closer to salary-dump time for other teams, which is great. They simply will not go far this year without an injenction to their starting rotation, and that fact hasn’t changed. But to be in this position with the iffy rotation they had coming in (PLUS the loss of Hughes) is more than anyone could have asked. Cashman has to get some credit for mining the scrap-heap of pitchers well and for the acquisitions of Martin, Jones, and Chavez who have all contributed nicely.

“…Cashman has to get some credit for mining the scrap-heap of pitchers well and for the acquisitions of Martin, Jones, and Chavez who have all contributed nicely….”
i couldn’t agree more IH…he takes a lot of heat for pounding free agents with his checkbook, but these are the kinds of moves that win divisions…without the guys you mentioned, the yankees don’t have 15 wins…i know it’s early, so there’s plenty of time for these new players to show us why the other teams dumped them, but as you say, cashman’s eyes have to be on the milestone well ahead of the playoffs, “salary dump time”…if we can get there in reasonably good shape, cashman [and girardi] have done a great job…and who knows we may be pleasantly surprised and some of these guys may still be contributing…

We are all in agreement here…tread water until the June/trade deadline and then drop a bomb on the league with a sick trade and send the haters into a tizzy! :)
Why can’t Colon and Garcia keep it up? Why can’t Russell the Muscle keep raking and playing sick D? It’s all about injuries. Stay healthy and we are in great shape. Our offense always gets better and better with the weather so being in 1st in April works for me! It feels weird but right…

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