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Regret in the Future?

Since Jose Tabata left the Yanks organization, he has been absolutely Nadyesque with Pittsburgh’s minor league teams. The once heralded prospect has put up a line of .359/.390/.513 with the Pirates’ AA affiliate. Before that he spent a few games on assignment in the Gulf Coast League raking to the tune of .455/.538/1.091. Of course, all of this has been done in 50 at-bats, quite a small sample size. But the change of scenery seems to have immediately benefited Tabata, which makes me wonder about what was going on between him and the Yanks’ minor league people, whose job it is to nurture and develop prospects. Anyway, if he had put up these numbers in the month preceding the trade, would he have been deemed off-limits? I think so. And that makes me worried about the future of this trade.

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Even if he does pan out and becomes a superstar he’s still in Pittsburgh. While the Pirates had added some legitimate prospects, they are still years away from Rays status. Nady has been great and he’s going to come fairly cheap next season. I agree that there could be some remorse, but I wouldn’t worry about that quite yet.

At least Tabata is shutting up those of us who have bitched that you got X. Nady for nothing.
Seriously, I know the Yankees have a history of making one-sided trades, but you can’t expect them every time. Sometimes you have to give up something to get something.
Sure, I’d love to have Hanley back, but we got Beckett in return. He’s been pretty good.
Nady is a bargain and he’s hardly beef jerky.
At least you guys didn’t have to pay someone to take a bad seed off your hands.

Yeah, I’m sure trading him to Pittsburgh helped them to make the move. Even if he succeeds, he’s in Pittsburgh. But it really wasn’t the bargain everyone made it out to be. Tabata has real tools. Still, the lack of patience, even when he’s hitting .360, should be a real worry. If Tabata doesn’t learn that, he’ll be exposed. I suspect his coaches pushing patience, and the Trenton home park, didn’t help much though. Now, in swinging away he may put up big numbers, but is he developing?

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