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I can’t emphasize strongly enough that Gordon Edes’ Sunday Boston Globe column should be read on a regular basis. Our cover page links to the Globe, but the Sunday column is usually something larger – he consistently offers sharp insights on most issues, even as he covers a specific team. Peter Gammons’ Sunday Globe column was something of a legend, and as Gammons slides more and more into Page 6 gossip-mongering, Edes has taken up the leftover available journalistic duties with aplomb.

Today’s column touches on an issue that we will surely revisit this year, Questec, and also has a breakdown of the shallow reflexivity with which the national media condemned John Henry’s statement this week. Surf over.

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  • It would have been nice to see the latest research data (see my post below regarding SABR) used to add a little weight to the hearsay evidence Edes from Schilling uses in his discussion of Questec.
    As reported in the Baseball Research Journal, Questec is simply not a statistically useful tool for evaluating the performance of a particular umpire during a particular game. It is useful in revealing overall trends in pitch calling. (The strike zone as called is wider than the “by the book” Questec strike zone, especially on the outside.)

    YF February 22, 2004, 11:52 pm

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