Return of the King(s)

And not a moment too soon. With one pitch last night, the first one he saw, A-Rod rebooted the Yankee season. CC Sabathia followed with a complete game shutout, K'ing the side in the 9th to close out the win. Order in the Yankee Universe is restored, at least for a day. Even backup to the backup to the backup starting catcher Francisco Cervelli had a stirring day. Onward, warriors.

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Now that’s the kind of optimism we need! CC didn’t look all that sharp in the first but after that he pitched like we all hoped he would. Nice win, nice post. Now let’s go for 2!

Heh, you’re one to speak, SF. You were groaning about another 2006 back when the Sox were 4 games under .500.
Before the All-Star break, a baseball fan’s mood is directly correlated to what happened the day before.

Um…not really. It just sucks that people take what you say seriously and argue your belabored points and constant back-tracking drivel when called out. Waste of time. Kinda like my response to your garbage actually.

Return of the Kings? More like here come the Orioles.
Completely losing it against the sox and rays, but beating the last place orioles and it’s the return of the kings.
Or was this comedy? In that case I apologize. I can never tell without the winking smiley.

Perhaps the win was related to the return of the viscounts. :) Onion getting a little slow on these things lately…

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