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Reunited (and it feels so good)

Congratulations to our man from Havana, Jose Contreras, who was reunited with his family—wife Miriam and children Naylan and Naylenis—following a three-hour speedboat chase that would have made Crockett and Tubbs justly proud.

Meanwhile, Derek and A-Rod homer in the same game—a 10-4 crushing of the O’s. Can we finally put that crap to rest about Derek being flustered by A-Rod’s arrival in pinstripes.

PS: We write this from a shaddy spot in Bryant Park, with the JVC Jazz orchestra providing a swinging soundtrack—it’s hard indeed to maintain our contrarian form in such a pleasant environment; we’ll have to return to our spiderhole to bring up the bile.

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Deep in the heart of the Denver Airport, I see the news of Mrs. Contreras et. al’s defection from Cuba. Let’s just say that “No Excuses” Jeans is monitoring the situation looking for a new spokesperson.

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