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Reverse Lock: Sox-Phillies Gamer

Kevin Youkilis is out of the lineup today, meaning that the Sox’ offense looks more like a last place team than a first place team. And that’s how they’ve been playing. Which means they’ll do something to make this pessimist look stupid. We can only hope. And my fear is that is the case: we can only hope.

Chat about what could be a 1:54 affair here.

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Good game. Felt more like a must-win than it probably was.
And with Cameron thankfully gone (I hate to see him go like this because he seems like a good guy, but he’s already cost the Sox a full win this season), I’d say we put Reddick in right field and make Drew our late-innings PH against righties. Crawford-Ellsbuey-Reddick could be one killer outfield if we can get them all healthy and producing at the same time.
The Sox ran into some bad luck against San Diego and Pittsburgh and good pitching against Philadelphia. It happens. I’m not nearly as pessimistic about the team as others. If you’re putting up 10-run innings on a regular basis, you’re hitting far better than you ought with RISP. Only a matter of time before you hit a dry spell, which is exactly what happened the past 10 games or so. The offense showed some signs of life today, though. Hopefully, they can beat up on the Astros and get into the break without further injury.

Drew a $14M pinch hitter! Holy crap.
Also, I know I sound panicked, but I am not. I am extremely concerned about how the current injuries affect the team. I am worried, legitimately so, about Buchholz’ back, Youk’s ankle, and no Carl Crawford, along with Drew’s suckitude. Beyond that I realize there are ebbs and flows, and we have seen the topside of what this team is capable of. But I really worry about the current spate of injuries.

They are going to limp into the ASB and have to piece together lineup/rotations until after the break. Hopefullly Buch and Crawford will be back by then. Since tomorrow is July 1, and with Theo stating they will be “very aggressive” coming up to the trade deadline who’s available and who do the Sox have to deal?

So happy there is no Sox gamer tonight, their offense is non existent. They are making Norris look like he is Cy fricken Young out there. They soooo need Crawford and Lowery back in this line up. I wouldn’t have put scooter out there leading off, but at least he hit something…

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