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Road Worriers: Sox-Twins Gamer III

Well, the Sox aren't very good away from the Fens.  Tonight, though, they can actually win a series on the road if they beat the Twins.  That would be nice.  Though we're a little disheartened that the moniker "potential stopper" now refers to anyone who pitches the day after Jon Lester.  Tonight that role is bestowed upon Daisuke Matsuzaka, who takes the hill.

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According to Accuscore predictions, the Twinkies are favored 60-40. sigh.

Jacoby’s hit-streak ends tonight. Calling it now.
Go go gadget REVERSE JINX

Dice-K’s velocity is hovering around 90. Is he suffering from Wang disease?

That was his big problem before he went on the DL Andrew; he was topping out at 88. He needs to be around 93 on his fastball to make the rest of his pitches effective.
He hit 91 there, oh man we’re flying now!

Daisuke bounced ball four about 5 feet in front of the plate, advancing the runner to third.

Great, the first two pitches I see are a 46 foot something or other, and a fastball 2 feet off the plate. This is going to end well.

It’s always going to be adventure with Dice-K, isn’t it? It’s just never an easy inning.

Can Ortiz hit 10th? This is becoming an untenable problem, or will be soon. Ortiz is basically dead weight on the team if he can’t hit, an albatross. Seems like they are going to have to find a way to DL him soon.

I’ve been saying he should be DLed for weeks, SF. There’s a lot of other line-ups the Sox could run out there that would give them a significantly better chance of winning.

Yeah, mashing some AAA pitching would set Ortiz right. I’m all for it.
Daisuke strikes out Tolbert on three fastballs, climbing the ladder there.

Another baserunner, another strikeout, another inning. Daisuke being Daisuke.

I thought Dice-K was going to walk Punto there for sure. Glad to be wrong.

All right. You’re Theo. What do you do about Papi?
DL him with the mystery malady and hope a week of rehab in P’tucket can fix him?
Do you make a trade? For whom, and what do you offer in return?
I start with the DL, when Kotsay is ready to come off the DL. And then I start exploring trade options in case that doesn’t work.

Yeah, I agree. With the pieces that the Sox have, they could go for awhile with the DH rotating among a few folks and it could work nicely. I do wonder if Carter would get enough ABs, though.

Morneau bashes an absolutely terrible pitch from Dice on 1-2, lucky it was only a double.
Why do our starters SUCK ASS SO MUCH?

So much for that tie.
This team is excruciating in a way that is hard to describe. It really feels like a miracle that their record is what it is.

This team is painful. I choose to do something else with the remaining hour or so of being awake. I have a far more entertaining book to finish. Good night.

Another wild pitch. Seems like Span has been on 2nd base every goddamn inning.

The Twins lineup is insane. OPS:
Span: .818
Mauer: 1.385
Morneau: 1.097
Kubel: .915
Cuddyer: .878
Harris: .659
Young: .577
Tolbert: .543
Punto: .509
The first five are fearsome, and then it drops off like crazy. No in-between players.

Heh, yep IBM.
Span on for the fourth time. Now we have Mauer/Morneau to battle.
GIDP please.

The Twins have 12 hits, 5 walks and a HBP: altogether 18 baserunners. It’s amazing that they’ve only scored 4.

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