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Rockin’ The Rainbow: Astros-Yanks Gamer I

Ryan RainbowI have a throwback “rainbow” Astros jersey I bought just to wear around a lifelong Cubs fan friend of mine when we would watch NL games together to give him yet another deserved reason to want to punch me. Remember, the newly-minted Westros were in the Serious less than 10 years ago, but poor ownership and necessary redistricting have made them the patsy in the AL. Once was a time when the ‘Stros had a mystique about them manifested by the most awesome gunslinger in the history of the game.

But those are barroom tales. A -50 run diff at 25 games in portends a rough year for these “Westward Ho” ‘Stros. The rainbow jersey is still frickin’ cool, I don’t care what anyone says. Andy Pettitte faces his former indulgence from back when Mom and Dad were “taking a break.”

Lineups follow, comment away.

J. Altuve 2b .327
B. Barnes rf .375
B. Laird 1b .217
C. Carter lf .216
C. Pena dh .205
R. Cedeno ss .333
C. Corporan c .250
M. Dominguez 3b .262
R. Grossman cf .091
L. Harrell 4.08
NY Yankees B. Gardner cf .253 R. Cano 2b .316 V. Wells lf .294 T. Hafner dh .305 B. Boesch rf .233 J. Nix 3b .232 L. Overbay 1b .240 E. Nunez ss .164 A. Romine c .000   A. Pettitte 2.22

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Ummm, this team that’s beating us like a red-headed step-child…they’re the worst team in baseball, right? Right???

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