Rocky Mountain High

This poster is off for a looooong-needed vacation, to the mountains of Colorado. Realizing that the Sox are at Coors field the next two nights, I have entertained the thought of persuading Mrs. SF to spend the day in Denver on Thursday to see our boys flail away. Alas, I think there’s a spa with our name on it, and a pre-natal massage will be the order of the day, as opposed to a bleacher seat and a tray of oysters…

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  • YF is similarly on holiday, but in Sox territory, of all places, which mean watching the Yankees on ESPN2, which means hitting the mute button to keep off THE WORLD’S WORST COLOR COMMENTATOR. We’d settle for Murcer.
    Meanwhile, we’ve had a chance to catch a bit of Jerry Remy on NESN. Is it just YF, or does he sound a lot like Marko the Mailman from Stalag 17? “AT EASE!”

    YF June 16, 2004, 11:37 pm

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