Up. Down. Up. Down. The Sox come back in the bottom of the ninth for a huge win, then are blown out in two straight. The Yanks knock off Pedro in a stirring reprise of last year’s LCS, and then are dumped hard twice in a row. Who’s got momentum? It changes hourly.

It’s a bit ironic that, as SF has noted, these two teams have been jockeying not so much for the division crown over the last month, but to set themselves up for the postseason. And now that it’s barely two weeks away, both have more questions than ever about their pitching rotations. Mussina and El Duque go 1 and 2 for the Yanks, but from there, what? Schilling looks brilliant for the Sox, but now Pedro seems vulnerable, and it’s downhill after him. Or maybe it’s not? Who knows.

Has there ever been more uncertainty entering the postseason? It’s been an odd conclusion to an interesting year. This much we do know: both Torre and Terry will be looking for any and all signs as these last days wind down.

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  • And all the while, the Twins…lurking.

    MJL - SF September 26, 2004, 9:48 pm