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Rubber Royale: Sox-KC Gamer III

Jon Lester looks to help the Sox capture the series win in Kansas City, while Bruce Chen and the Royals try to take a series from the Sox at home for the first time since 2006. Comment away.

9 replies on “Rubber Royale: Sox-KC Gamer III”

I’ve got Gameday tuned to the Marlins-Astros game just in case the Astros stage a comeback from their 1-run deficit in the 9th…what with having no faith the Sox can do the same.

Okay, now that the 4-3 KC-BOS score is final, I can stop pretending. 2 on, none out, and nothing to show for it. 2012 Red Sox, get the fever!

I didn’t watch any of the game until the 9th inning when I saw we had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Then I regretted watching at all.
It’s tough to enjoy baseball when your team sucks this much.

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