The winter meetings start now, and this fan expects…anticlimax! How often does Peter Gammons post speculation-filled columns, about 5% of that which is predicted comes true. This is the weekend for the AJ Benzas and the Liz Smiths of baseball columndom to work their stuff, to hype us all with “one GM told me he expects the Nationals to be big players in the Beltran sweepstakes and I have heard Billy Beane is looking at taking Jason Giambi back if the Yankees will eat 10% of his contract” and expect us to eat it.

Gammons gives us this silly statement, in today’s column:

“Houston will go a long way on Beltran, but the Yankees may too, to counter the Jason Giambi publicity.”

Uh, OK, Peter. Somehow I think the Yankees were going after Beltran regardless, but if you insist it’s to get them better PR then so be it. Commenters please feel free to scour the web and post the best gossip you can find below – I am curious to know what other things are flying out around there.

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