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Runs Would be Good: Sox-Rays Gamer V

Late, we know, but here it is. Comment away!

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For the second day in a row, Crawford gets walked in front of Longoria to load the bases, and Longoria punishes the pitcher. This time with a granny. 5-2 Rays.
Nice job, boys. Way to waste a bajillion opportunities to score, too.

All Boston starting pitchers have homeritis* now…
**From WebMD (via YF): Homeritis: A severe inflamation of the ERA. Can be extremely painful, but generally more for the fans of the patient than the patient himself.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be an asshole – I clicked on the link on the right for BOS, and it was the Wednesday game where they came back to win in extra innings. So my comment was for the wrong game..
So, speaking of which, is that going to update?

I was watching the game until Masterson gave up the Granny. He was pitching amazingly well too, beforei mploding. Kinda like Beckett yesterday.

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