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So the Dodgers pull out of the Randy Johnson deal to make sure they get the best deal for the team (I won’t disagree with that – I think they were getting fleeced), but come on, we all know it was because Frank McCourt was getting reamed publicly for their involvement and perceived cheapness.  Now, in a move to counter the criticism of their penny-pinching, they sign JD Drew to a 5/55M contract?  Can they be any more insane?  The guy finally played 145 games last year, after a roller-coaster career of 100 games here, 130 games there, but if you look at his past he’s just not an historically healthy guy.  If they get an average of 125 games a year out of Drew it wouldn’t be shocking, so that 11M looks more like 13-14M pro-rated, and that’s just a moronic contract to be taking on.  Why not bust the bank for Beltran instead?  YF’s "Worst Contract Ever" thread just got itself a competitor.

Billy Beane must be cringing seeing his former apprentice DePodesta at work.

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  • Randy Levine: The Dodgers reneged on the deal that was agreed to last Friday, unequivocally and with no contingencies except for a window for contract extensions and physicals. For some reason, the Dodgers over the weekend started to backpedal. Why they would break their word is only something they can answer. It sure is disappointing, and we’ll have to think long and hard before ever doing business with the Dodgers again.
    NY vs LA! Awesome! So very 1981.

    YF December 22, 2004, 3:10 pm
  • Can’t beat Boston, take the fight elsewhere!

    SF December 22, 2004, 8:04 pm

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