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Sabathia’s season looking a lot like his Cy Young season two years ago. If not for Zach Greinke, it would probably be another one.

No question Sabathia is having a great year, but his slow start coupled with a few inconsistent stretches would probably derail him for the Cy Young. Greinke has been fantastic pretty much wire-to-wire, while Sabathia has only *really* turned it on in the last couple of months.

Here’s my problem with the Greinke candidacy:
Who has he pitched against?
Not the Yankees.
Not the Sox.
Not even the Twins.
Against the Rays and Jays?
4 GS, 24 IP, 33 hits, 27 K, 9 BB, 5.25 ERA
Basically he’s dominated the White Sox, Indians, and Tigers in fully half of his starts.
There’s a very good chance he could win the Cy Young pitching just two games (of 32 or 33) against playoff teams. CC has pitched 3 games against the Sox alone.

It’s a good argument Rob, though to carry it all the way through, you’d then have to compare the line-up that supports Greinke’s starts with the one that supports CC’s. That is, if it’s primarily W-L record that you’re considering. The KC line-up is a AAA one at best when compared to the Yankees’ hitters. Also, compiling a sub-2.20 ERA is phenomenal even against the opponents you cite. But yeah, it would be good to see more comparison of opponents in the CC-Greinke Cy race.

Wow.. I signed off this for a while but I’m back.. Too nice a day in Boston to be inside. Or others are watching the Pats.

Wow … 40 is a lot. Hopefully he can start to conserve. Anyway the Rotation is in better shape than a month ago !!

Good goin Dice K
PBE its been nice watching the game w/ you but I gotta go. Housework beckons. Yuck !

ha ha, Rob agrees with Peter Gammons, a position I’m sure he loves to be in. It’s a sort of silly argument since Greinke will probably face the Red Sox and Yankees in the next two weeks anyway and we’ll know more then.
Aside from that, I’m outsourcing all my Greinke-for-Cy-Young arguments to

Dice K not being as frugal w/ his pitches as he was last game, but I can’t complain. I never expected him to come back in Sept and pitch fairly well.

And no BBs yet. You go Dice K !!! We’re getin’ into high pitch count …and a double t Roberts. DOHHHH……

Dice-K at 94 pitches now. He hasn’t been nibbling that much but the O’s have fouled off an awful lot of pitches.
If he’s allowed to pitch the sixth he still can keep the streak of Red Sox starters not giving up more than three runs through six going.

I’m glad this game is already close to out of reach and pretty meaningless regardless, because those Drew and Lowell ABs were very frustrating.

Angels lead 9-5 at Texas. If this holds the Yankees can clinch a post-season berth later with a win at Seattle.
The Twins have taken a 2-1 lead against the Tigers. Normally I’d root for the Twins to catch the Tigers, but not this year since I believe Verlander has a chance to win two against the Yankees in the ALDS which would give the Tigers a pretty good chance in that series.

Honestly, it’s been hard for me to get excited about the Pats this year after the double gut punch of the SB loss followed up by the Year Without Brady. I’m still rooting for them here, but I fully expect them to lose this game.

I still haven’t forgiven the Patriots for that SB loss. And yeah, they lost today and deserved to lose.
I am glad for the Red Sox.

It’s not just CC. Felix has started 12 games against the Twins, Rangers, and Angels. That to me gives him the edge. But let’s see Greinke do well against the Sox and Yanks. If he doesn’t, more voters should be asking questions about his “dominance”. And that’s not about the wins – it’s more about the K’s and ERA. If you’re pitching to weak hitting teams, like those of the AL Centr

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