Saturday Night’s Alright

What a nice day  First, an afternoon spent upstate with Mrs. SF and Soxbaby Isaac, baseball free.  Then the team nips old foe El Duque and the White Hot Sox (on NESN tonight, to boot, so no Hawk Harrelson to contend with), Wade Miller tosses 7 shutout innings, Manny goes deep and All-Star ‘Tek homers to put Posada back in his rightful place, the win ultimately topped off with a Schilling save. All this after the Sox sign super-prospect Craig Hansen to a deal earlier in the day, and the Orioles lose to the woeful D-Rays.   

Whereas a week ago the team seemed in disarray, all of a sudden there’s reason to think of possible flexibility coupled with some serious upside: could Curt be moving back to the rotation?  Would this facilitate an Arroyo move to the pen, adding needed depth? It remains to be seen if Schilling can get it done for more than an inning, and Hansen’s obviously never even smelled a minor league locker room.  Regardless, the last few days have brought a welcome change in the Sox’ level of play.

One more thing, to make the day even better: go Angels!

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  • I was just looking at Boston Dirt Dogs. They’re a very good site, but geez, they throw players over faster than Boss Steinbrenner. If they could, they would fire more managers than the Boss in his bad old days. Now they’re on Wake’s case.
    Do you know how much Wake has done for the Sox?
    How many games did he win in the 8 game march to the WS pennant?
    BTW, Jon Garland was a minor leaguer in the deal that sent Foulke from the Pale Hose to the Giants.

    john yf July 24, 2005, 12:40 pm
  • Dirt Dog doesn’t speak for most Red Sox fans I know of. In fact, most hate him for the very reason that you mentioned john yf.

    mattymatty July 24, 2005, 1:25 pm
  • I thought it was one of the most popular sites — links from the Globe and Soxaholix, featured in Fever Pitch (which I haven’t seen yet), etc.
    The Nation is a complicated place.

    john yf July 24, 2005, 2:08 pm
  • The Globe actually owns dirtdogs, so that’s why they link to it. It’s amazing to me they haven’t dumped it yet — not only are the comments generally ridiculous, as you point out, but lately there have been some homophobic and racist content. Recently a picture equated Francona’s return to Philly with attacking of civil rights protestors. Or something dumb like that. A lot of people have been ignoring the site lately, and some have even pushed for a boycott.

    Earl July 24, 2005, 2:48 pm
  • Jeez, I don’t know. Dirt Dogs has it’s moments, but it does go over the top some of the time. At times (probably too many times) it spews the pessimism and nastiness commonly associated with the worst of RSN, other times it’s pretty funny. But for John to characterize the most recent post about Wakefield as “throwing him over” is simply misleading. The fact is that the post articulates just what many people have posted here, that the Sox rotation has been quite poor of late.
    FYI, here’s the text from the post:
    Wake Up and Smell the Rotation
    Another Sox Starter Stumbles.
    Trading Deadline Eight Days and Counting.
    Six-Run Sixth Deep Sixes Sox as Wake Loses Sixth Straight to Chicago
    Pitchers’ Duel Turns to Blowout on a Dime
    Garland Gets 15th Win; Stern Hits First Homer

    SF July 24, 2005, 3:05 pm
  • You’se guys are reviving my faith in the Nation (except for you, SF). I’m a great lover of New England, the Hub and even Fenway. But born in New York and living in New York, of course I’m a fan of the greatest team in sports.
    We were in Boston for my birthday last year, and a friend who works for the Sox got us some great tickets. So I actually witnessed the Sox clinching the Wild Card. This year my birthday falls on what may be Bernie’s last regular season home game, so we’ll be there, hoping to see Bernie go boom.

    john yf July 24, 2005, 4:23 pm
  • (Picture of a dejected Wakefield)
    Another Sox Starter Stumbles.
    Trading Deadline Eight Days and Counting.
    [hint hint]

    Six-Run Sixth Deep Sixes Sox as Wake Loses Sixth Straight
    Pitchers’ Duel Turns to Blowout on a Dime…
    “The wheels just fell off for me in the sixth.” — 7.22 Tim Wakefield (who dropped to 8-9)

    You don’t think they’re suggesting that the Sox need new pitchers, and Wakefield is one of the reasons why they need new pitchers?
    And they’re brutal to Francona.
    Any manager who’s down 0 and 3 to the New York Yankees (after losing 19 to what?) and then pulls 8 straight wins to win the World Series gets at least a free year in my book. His team has certainly had problems this year, but history shows it’s very tough to win two years in a row, and they are in first at this point.

    john yf July 24, 2005, 4:37 pm
  • John: my job is not to renew your faith in RSN. In any case, my post is pretty critical of BDD, for what it’s worth. And their treatment of (who they call) Francoma does go too far, in general. But this post about Wakefield is just not what you say. It’s critical of the rotation, not of Timmy as a reason the rotation is underwhelming. That reminder of the trading deadline is not a call to dump Wakefield, but a charge to upgrade the staff.
    Those are your bolds, not theirs, and you should make that clear.

    SF July 24, 2005, 5:04 pm

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