Say It Ain’t So, Barry, Jason, Sheff

Okay, now it’s out in the open–or at least the accusations are. Bonds, Sheffield, Giambi are named in court papers as having received steroids.

All three refused to comment to the press yesterday/this morning. That’s not going to cut it down the road. As for the carefully worded statement from Barry’s lawyer, “We continue to adamantly deny that Barry was provided, furnished or supplied any of those substances at any time by Greg Anderson.”–that leaves a pretty wide gulf of possibility, no?

In fairness, can we ask why the government is leaking so much information in this case? Could this have something to do with the Dubya/Ashcroft politically driven steroid offensive? Also, exactly from where is the information that these players were given drugs coming from, because it is adamantly denied by the accused?

This whole sordid affair continues to get more sordid with each passing moment.

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  • Does the “no facial hair” rule on the Yankees apply to fuzz growing out of someone’s forehead? I guess Jason and Gary are going to have to do some extra grooming…

    SF March 2, 2004, 10:31 pm
  • Well, aside from my previous snarky comment, I think we both feel pretty much the same about all this BALCO crap. So many non-denial denials floating out there, and the three stars named yesterday all issued statements which leave so much wiggle room it’s ridiculous.
    As for presuming innocence before proven guilty, well, this poster doesn’t really care – 7% have tested positive, and three stars under suspicion are homonculi known to have dealt with BALCO. The truth will out, eventually, and even if it doesn’t this should be a warning shot fired at future generations of players.
    Will the PA and the League ever have a reasonable policy? If it takes a home run champ being shamed to get one, then so be it, I can deal with it. My sentimental attachment to and romance with baseball will survive, even through the shaming of some superstars. If the problem festers, my romance with the game will fade, along with a great majority of fans’. The time is now for a principled stand on the issue, from both the union and the owners.

    SF March 3, 2004, 12:20 pm
  • And no offense, Nomar, but no, we WON’T find out who the players are, because 1. they don’t disclose that, and 2. one needs to offend many times before suspension. Yeah, sure, they’re all hard workers – that explains Trot putting on 30lbs of muscle in a four month offseason, Shea Hillenbrand’s head nearly popping out of his batting helmet last year and his pair of newly acquired 18″ biceps, etc. Nomar’s living in fantasyland.
    From the Globe today:
    No Red Sox players to date have been implicated in the BALCO investigation. Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, in a press conference held upon his arrival in the team’s spring camp last week, expressed empathy for the players whose names have been linked to steroid use.
    “We’re getting tested, we’re doing all that stuff,” Garciaparra said. “So people are going to find out if they’re taking it or not. I’m sure all the athletes that are being accused right now or being looked at because they’ve been associated with [those indicted in the BALCO investigation], they’re taking tests. I’m sure you’ll find they’re all negative. They’re all hard workers. They work extremely hard. There’s a reason why they’re big, they’re strong, and in the positions they are, because of their hard work.”

    SF March 3, 2004, 12:30 pm
  • If the PA adopts Nomar’s position, as you make clear, that’s just not going to fly. The testing procedures, as they are–who knows if they are or were effective against highly engineered steroids.
    We’re in total agreement here. The PA has to come to terms with the reality that players are using, and that they need a serious system of public testing that’s going to demonstrate compliance.
    It’s time to fix the problem. And clean player should be the ones driving the movement to do so. If that happens, we’ll get by the reality that players have used in the past.

    YF March 3, 2004, 12:37 pm

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