Scenes from a Mall

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Good piece. Interesting to see all the mixed emotions coming out from all sorts of places. When the Garden in Boston was jettisoned, it was replaced with a generic arena, and Boston fans, though more comfortable, are far worse off. The uniformity of hockey/basketball arenas makes this an apples/oranges comparison, but I sense that in time the trepidation over the new YS will disappear. The simulacrum of the new, unlike at Comiskey where there was zero attempt to recreate anything, will end up being the right choice. I go in 13 days, and as a Fenway denizen and a Sox fan, I will do my best to assess with unbiased eyes and ears. We’ll see what it brings.

Boy, Alex isn’t kidding about that monstrous scoreboard/ad block out in center field. That’s huge! I could see how that would indeed be distracting, particularly for those of us who love new electronics.

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