Schilling does in fact seem

Schilling does in fact seem like a dream. And as noted on this site quite some time ago–well before and talk of trades–he had a terrific year in 2002 that was somewhat lost in the general discussion due to a bit of injury and his w-l record, which–as we know–can be deceptive. So kudos to the Red Sox. The only drawback with Schilling is his age. And while I’m passing around kudos to enemies, this is a good time to point out the very clever work J.P. Ricciardi is doing in Toronto. Theo is deservedly getting attention this week, but the Jays are quietly building a solid club. And Baltimore is also likely to improve, which means win totals are likely to drop in a more competitive AL East next season. But getting back to Schilling, it’s interesting that you describe him as the anti-Clemens, as I believe Schilling himself has credited old Roger for giving him a talk about professionalism that redirected his career. So go figure.

Posted by YF on 12/3/2003 09:41:45 PM