Schilling on 38 Pitches

Must read of the day: Alex Belth’s interview on with Curt Schilling, regarding his blog. A sample:

In my 20 years of baseball, I’ve been misquoted three or four times, and for someone who talks as much as I do, that’s incredible. But I’ve been misinterpreted a billion times. I’m not saying that the blog is going to allow me to be interpreted better, but you know what? If I’m going to take s*** for something I said, it’s going to be something I said.

Along with our interview from Monday with Peter Abraham, this piece illustrates how blogs are reshaping the relationship between fans, reporters, and players. And there’s no one more expert on this subject than Alex, founder of Bronx Banter, which you should be reading today for Cliff Corcoran’s skinny on the status of the Yankees as they move through the ST season.

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