Second Best

A-Rod’s move to the second spot in the lineup yesterday was interesting to see, and was reminiscent of the Seattle lineup of the 90’s. A-Rod got the big hit in the ballgame, but more importantly it did appear that he was more aggressive at the plate with a quicker stroke. Don’t know how long this experiment may last but whatever works is fine with this poster who is still waiting for A-Rod to carry this team for at least a week. Giambi’s possible comeback would have a big say as to where A-Rod bats. The news on Giambi’s progress: you can’t believe anything you read anymore. Giambi says he’s at 75% and only needs a short stint in the minors to get his swing back. Meanwhile Torre said a few days ago that he doubts Giambi could contribute in the post season. The fans went bezerk when Giambi took batting practice yesterday (all the free hot dogs and cokes may have contibuted to this) and Giambi said “New Yorkers have been great during this whole topic, on the street and coming up to me. That’s as good as it gets.” If Giambi does comeback and contribute it would be a tremendous emotional lift, let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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