Sellers and Cellars: Sox-Rays Gamer I

Having dropped 3 to the Jays in a 4-game set (they trailed only by a run for the series total, 22-21, but only won the first game, 14-1), the Red Sox are behind the 8-ball and behind everyone else in the division.  We can only conclude that it’s really over and they should move any part that has no place in 2015 around as necessary…and possibly some parts that do have a place in 2015.

Take Jon Lester (and I’m sure the Yankees will): he could theoretically be moved to a contender for a few months and be brought back on board via free agency…but that seems risky if they have plans to extend/keep him (I doubt it, I think he’s a goner).  Same goes for Uehara and a couple of other good pieces that aren’t contracted past this year.  So theoretically, this could be Lester’s last start for the Red Sox.  He’s facing Price, so hey, at least it’ll be a good one!  Good old-fashioned, drain-circling fun!

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