Senator Kerry: “Hey Ball Fans, I Got Your Back”

Hot on the heels of at least one threat to his Senate seat in 2008 subsiding, Massachusetts Junior Senator John Kerry, in reference to the MLB ownership’s myopic money-grabbing decision to make Extra Innings available only to DirecTV subscribers, said that he is “opposed to anything that deprives people of reasonable choices,” in a statement referenced by an AP story on ESPN.

Never mind that in the statement Kerry localizes the argument to the eyes of Sox fans to curry favor with his electoral base; his heart is in the right place. Kevin Martin, Chairman of the FCC (Fleecing Captive Customers since 19…) was scheduled to be on hand to serve a witness at what I infer to be a related hearing today. I haven’t found any links that talk about what transpired at that hearing, what the hearing was actually regarding, or why the Chairman of the FCC needs to be at said hearing, but for some reason, I thought I heard the resounding thwonk of a rubber stamp echoing across the lands this afternoon. To be fair, I’m a DirecTV and Extra Innings paying customer (say it with me: mother-#$*&@^% blackouts!), but this whole idea from MLB to lock in so tightly with the tentacular Murdoch corporation smells. Screw steroids. Here’s one issue where I’m whole-heartedly supporting the feds nosing in to root out the stench.

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  • You ought to at least be accurate with your Murdoch bashing, AG. News Corp (Murdoch’s company) at the moment holds a stake of just under 40% in DirecTV, and is in the midst of selling it to another media company (Liberty Media Corp.)

    VicSF February 2, 2007, 8:13 am
  • Having the exclusive MLB rights should give Murdock a better sales price.

    john February 2, 2007, 11:10 am
  • VicSF, I don’t know if I calling Murdoch’s multiple corporations “tentacular” actually qualifies as bashing, and I didn’t say his corporation smells. I did bash the FCC and baseball. To rephrase what I did say, the idea of MLB, which already extended the atrociously conceived exclusivity deal with FOX on Saturdays, going along the idea of making baseball _less_ available absolutely stinks.
    I read your link. Digging to find out a bit more aboout the deal, Liberty Corp, and John Malone doesn’t make me feel any different about anything I wrote. To call that transaction a “sale” falls a bit short of the reality of the deal. Murdoch is solidifying his control of News Corp by swapping its stake in Hughes and several media interests for News Corp shares and a mountain of cash from Liberty. An interesting side note about this deal is that as part of this complex realigning of assets, Liberty will gain control of the Atlanta Braves.
    None of this changes the fact that if this deal with DirecTV gets approved, it’s the fan that gets hosed.

    attackgerbil February 2, 2007, 1:14 pm
  • Fans: “So DirecTV, you got the exclusive rights to broadcast baseball games.”
    DTV: “Thanks, fans.”
    Fans: “And, MLB, you got the tens of millions of dollars.”
    MLB: “That’s right, fans.”
    Fans: “And what did the fans get?”
    MLB: “MLBtv?”
    Fans: “No. The fans got hosed.”

    Paul SF February 2, 2007, 1:36 pm

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