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Boston Dirt Dogs highlights an interview with Curt Schilling on WEEI today, wherein Curt called out Tony LaRussa for comments made about Edgar Renteria’s sensitivity and liklihood of success in Boston.  Call Schilling a loudmouth, call him a grandstander, but also call him on the money.  LaRussa should have kept his mouth shut.  If LaRussa loves Edgah as a player and also as his friend he would have called the shortstop and talked to him in private, and not made intimations about Renteria’s character to the press.  LaRussa knew what he was doing, and it bordered on malicious.  Way to go, Curt.

P.S. And since when is St. Louis not a pressure-cooker of a sports town? It may not be Boston or New York, but I lived there for three years and went to enough Blues and Cardinals games to know that the fans there can be just as brutal as those anywhere when they want to be.  For the most part I think of the characterization of a town like St. Louis as significantly less pressure-filled than a place like Boston is an antiquated stereotype, particularly with a team like the Cards consistently playing games that matter. 

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  • You are right one regarding this. Is it me, or does Larussa run his mouth entirely too much? He always seems to be putting his foot firmly up his mouth.

    JeremyM (YF) May 23, 2005, 9:32 pm
  • I love Curt Shilling, but for God’s sake, stop calling EEI and get better would ‘ya? Every week it’s something new with Curt, and I wish he would just concentrate on his rehab, stop creating all this hoopla around yourself, and get back on the field. I really do have a ton of respect for the things he has to say, and for the total disregard of possible reactions when he says these things – but without him out there every five days, they carry a little less weight. Everyone in the world knows you are a world-class pitcher, dedicated team supporter, and all-round great guy, but please start showing it from the rubber and not the mouth. In all reality, we should be 10 games ahead of NY right now, but instead we’ve had to play .500 baseball for the last month with a patchwork starting rotation. Please just keep quiet about Renteria, he’s not going to let one month overshadow a career of great work at the position – he’s a grown man and can stand on his own two feet. If Schill wants to show his support, he should put on the uniform and get back out there and show it by throwing eight strong every five days. Don’t get me wrong here – there is no other pitcher I would rather have in my rotation – and that includes the grumpy old lefty in NY, but I am getting tired of all the crap while he’s not actually contributing to this team. Do yourself, the team, and me (you know, the best fans in all of sports) a favor – please just focus on getting better for now – talk all you want later – but for now, just get healthy.

    Brad-SF May 23, 2005, 11:18 pm
  • part of what he was talking about on the radio? was how he hasn’t been talking since he’s been on the DL. especially to print media. back to the drawing board, brad.
    and if renteria can stand on his own two feet, why is millar so up in arms about him and his “treatment” by the media / fans?
    and why, for that matter, is millar’s mouth not a problem? he bugs me more mouth-wise than schilling ever has.

    beth May 24, 2005, 9:21 am
  • Unlike your first two sentences, I completely understood what Schill was saying, and all I was saying in response was a simple plea for him to stop calling EEI and voicing his opinion on everything under the sun. If Schill really wants to help this team’s morale (and current play), he will get healthy and let his arm help everyone out. On Kevin Millar, I’ll regurgitate a really good quote from SF: “Kevin Millar is as sharp as a marble”.
    All this talk of Edgar being beat-up by the press is a little out of control. If Edgar wants to help his own cause, he will start playing like himself and stop booting the ball around the infield. I want nothing more than for him to do well, but his recent heckling is not unwarranted. Part of being on a team is standing up for those around you that are possibly struggling, which explains the comments by both Millar and Schilling, but again it would be much more productive to have Schilling in the rotation and Millar actually keeping some of those huge foul balls in fair ground. If Millar was smart, he’d keep his mouth shut about Edgar Renteria for now because if it was not for Edgar’s horrible start, we’d all notice the lack of production from first base – I mean for Christ’s sake Mark Bellhorn is outplaying Kevin Millar right now. But if it’s the drawing board I must go to, then so be it – possibly while I’m there I will find a way to express my point more clearly for you. I’m not bashing Shill or Edgar, but I am saying there are better ways of helping teammates out.

    Brad-SF May 24, 2005, 11:36 pm
  • Curt in the Car is on WEEI about 2 times a week. His calls are actually Castro-esque speeches which cover subjects both trivial and important. The calls last 4 hours, and feature Curt’s thoughts on what makes a good teammate, how he at the moment is being a good teammate, how the sports press is a microcosm of the greater liberally-biased press, what makes the Devil Rays a losing team, what makes the war justified, what makes a true Yankee, etc. I personally don’t like the guy because of his politics and his general blow-hard quality (plus, and this is a minor thing, I hate the way he talks. He does this thing where before he begins a long sentence he’ll take a deep breath and it sounds as if he’s collecting all this phlegm at the back of his throat). But I understand why fans like Beth like him. He’s obviously an amazing pitcher who repeatedly comes up big at big moments, and who helped carry the Sox last year. So, unlike another talker, Millar, he performs. Also, as SF points out, he was right about the Larussa comments.

    Nick May 25, 2005, 9:42 am
  • Totally agreed Nick. I love his arm, and love all that he has done (and hopefully will do again) for this team -but the did lose some real points with me during a certain Northeast stump for a schump. It kinda reminds me of another old player who used to push his friggin radical christian thing on the rest of the sox.

    Brad-SF May 25, 2005, 11:12 pm
  • First of all, it’s my understanding that LaRussa was just answering a question about Renteria and he was trying to answer it in the most truthful, yet sensitive way possible. Secondly, if you guys knew anything about Renteria’s time with the Cardinals, you would know that in the 2001 season, when his name was being mentioned as trade deadline bait, Renteria’s batting average was in the dumpster. As soon as the deadline passed and he was still in St.Louis, his average took off. Then, this winter when he was debating whether or not to remain in St.Louis, several articles mentioned Renteria’s doubts about the Cardinal’s desire and love for him as a player, when in fact he turned down the exact same money before spring training of last year. Oh yeah, almost forgot, reportedly another reason he didn’t sign with St.Louis is that he didn’t like the way they negotiated with Woody Williams and Mike Matheny. Boo hoo! Sounds to me like LaRussa was right on the money! You guys better get him some kleenex! And get yourselves some for June 6-8!

    Bill Payne May 26, 2005, 2:15 pm
  • Bill, you are right. I do need kleenex, and I need a whole lot of them. I need enough kleenex to mop up all the BS you are spewing off. Where was the quote in which Edgar said he was not signing with the Cards due to the negotiations with Willams and Matheny – “The Bill Payne’s Computer Room Gazette”? Don’t come on here with “reportedly” or any other crap. If you are going to say things, back them up. Also, try to keep the BOOHOO’s to a controlled level for now – The season is somewhat young, and as of yet, there are not playoff clinchers, there are not division winners, and outside of the moron that is John Kruk, nobody has the foresight to actually see into the future and know what’s going to happen. But lets remember, John Kruk also said Randy Johnson was going to win 30-32 games this year. Wow.

    Brad-SF May 26, 2005, 11:32 pm
  • (St.Louis Post-Dispatch website) was my source. And no, I don’t have a copy of it. It was from Feb/March. Funny, I don’t remember saying anything about clinching any playoff spots, just that I’d throw a good-natured rib (not) in about the Cardinal-RedSox series payback that’s on it’s way in a couple weeks. If you want backup to what I said about Renteria in 2001, check out this link, Other than that, congratulations on proving to me what I’ve basically thought all along about RedSox and their fans. They’re the Yankees’ without all the championships.

    Bill Payne May 27, 2005, 5:35 pm

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