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September Surprise: Royals-Yanks Gamer

Robinson Tejada pitches for KC while Joba is on the bump for the Bombers, who look for a sweep after taking last night’s game in a surprising fashion, like wearing white after Labor Day.

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I have an amusing scenario. It’s almost taken for granted that the Yanks will take the 3-pitcher schedule.
Okay, Twins and Tigers tied the last day of the season, Verlander starts. Presumably, he’ll start game 2 of the ALDS instead of game 1. Do you choose the 4-pitcher schedule to not face Verlander twice?

Lar, I think you need to pitch to your team’s strengths instead of your opponent’s weaknesses. Having said that, I’m not the one who has to face Verlander once or twice.

Not watching tonight – is it true, as it seems to be, that Joba put up yet another confidence-un-inspiring performance after finally having a good start in his last outing? Disappointing. Girardi hinted at Joba going to the bullpen for the ALDS. If tonight convinces Girardi that this is the only/best way to use Joba, I’d imagine he’d want to throw Joba into one or two pen-outings in the next 7 days.

Ya, I guess it’s probably overthinking it on my part, and Joba didn’t exactly inspire confidence today..

You know, if the Yankees line-up has to face Verlander twice, that means the Tigers line-up has to face (a well-rested) Sabathia twice. Not exactly a cake-walk for Detroit.

Joba was atrocious again IH. I’m starting to think he’s going to be fine in the playoffs. He seems to need the challenge/energy/excitement of a big game to pitch well…

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