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Sevens. Sox-Jays Gamer, O’s-Yanks Gamer

Why do Toronto game times start seven minutes after the hour?  Must be a metric system/back bacon thing.  Josh Beckett and the Red Sox are in Toronto facing the Blue Jays and Henderson Alvarez.  Comment away.


Merged gamer threads.  Serious fireworks in NY, with 15 runs plated through 3.5 innings.

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Freddy is getting pounded.
Hit, after hit, after hit…
Later Freddy. Joe walks to the mound…
Worst start of the season? Gets booed of the mound. Somewhat.
No way.

Looks like the Sox gamer to me, but we can peacefully coexist I’m sure.
Beckett seems to have hurt his right foot and gets taken out of the game. If this is serious the Sox’ season is over.

8-7 after 4.
This is my kinda game. Many, many, many runs.
We should probably not allow them to score anymore though. With the former Yankee great Scott Proctor back on the mound, we should be fine.

Sprainted right ankle for Beckett. Bedard with continuing knee problems. New York Yankees AL East division champs 2011. Hope we can keep ahead of Tampa.
On the other hand: no, it’s way to early to concede, in spite of the bad karma.

Awesome. Montero with the go-ahead HR. This game is an utter mess-on-the-mound.
Re: Beckett, didn’t see a reply. If he did really “walk off” rather than being carried/carted off, then I have to imagine they’re just being very cautious, right?
As for Freddy, there was NO WAY that guy was going to keep up his season. Do you realize that coming into this game he had a 3.09 ERA on the season? Freddy Garcia??? I hope it’s a blip for him but wouldn’t be surprised if it were the end of his fairy-tale comeback season either.

Beckett did walk off the mound and it did not look like he really twisted his ankle or something. So yes, I imagine they are just being extra-cautious and I am overreacting. Still, there’s reason for some anxiety.

Following Yanks by gamecast…who the hell is A Laffey???
Ahh, and now Ayala. A name I recognize at least. If we can just get to the 8th we should have Robertson and Mariano assuming Soriano is out today, right? What a roller-coaster of a game.

Good to hear re: Beckett pbe…as hard as it might be to believe, I wouldn’t want to see him hurt. I would like to absolutely crush his pride and premanently cripple his confidence through a few sound drubbings, but physical injury? No.
OK, children wailing downstairs, gotta check what’s up…

I hope Pete Abraham-the-snarky who was killing Montero for “not knocking the wall down” in Fenway is watching this game while eating his words. Montero knocks in the go ahead run with a solo shot followed by adding 2 insurance runs with his second HR.

thank God Markakis ran himself out of that. The Yanks are bleeding baserunners and runs like crazy — almost as fast as they’re scoring them. Need to get this game over with fast…

for some reason Boone Logan was brought in for the 8th instead of Robertson. Robertson went two innings but I think that was two days ago…not sure why he’s not in. But now we’re in the 9th and Mo is in.

Not. And they brought in Aviles to pinch-run for Gonzalez. With two outs? I’d rather have kept him in the line-up, since this might well go on for quite a few more innings.
Papelbon in. Who else is there that can be trusted right now?

Phew…I will watch the dvr’ed game to see what the hell happened, but that was nerve-racking. That entire game was a freaking mess. Looks like great drama in Toronto. Love nail-biters like that. Don’t really know much about the Jays’ pen, but the Boston pen is certainly strong.

Happy to have the Yanks gain a game, but I’m sure SFs everywhere would agree that as long as Beckett is OK, the result of this game is a distant second concern.
The Yankees, while winning, are looking ragged. After the pen-heavy outing today we’ve got to deal with Burnett and Hughest the next two days. So hard to know what you’re going to get these days. They could each go 2.0 innings giving up 7 runs or go 7.0 innings giving up 2 runs, though if I were a betting man, I’d certainly lean toward the former and therefore have to hope the offense keeps this up. We needed everyone of Jesus’s RBIs today, bless him…

This is a season that was robbed by the wildcard. This would be an amazing division race if not for them, but instead both teams are comfortably postseason bound. The Sox, even with their recent struggles, are still up 7 games with 22 left. They could rest Beckett the rest of the way and it’s still unlikely they’d have anything to worry about.

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