SF 2004 Predictions – Abridged, No Commentary

Here goes!

AL East

1. Sox (what would a cliche be without hope springing eternal…)
2. Yanks
3. Toronto
4. Baltimore
5. Tampa Bay

AL Central

1. Chicago
2. Minnesota
3. Kansas City
4. Cleveland
5. Detroit

AL West

1. Oakland
2. Anaheim
3. Seattle
4. Texas


NL East

1. Philadelphia
2. Atlanta
3. Florida
4. New York
5. Montreal

NL Central

1. Chicago
2. Houston
3. St. Louis
4. Cincinnati
5. Pittsburgh
6. Milwaukee

NL West

1. San Francisco
2. Los Angeles
3. Arizona
4. Colorado
5. San Diego


AL MVP: Schilling
AL CY: Schilling
AL ROY: Mauer
AL Manager: Scoscia

NL MVP: Pujols
NL CY: Oswalt
NL ROY: Edwin Jackson
NL Manager: Dusty Baker


AL Wild Card: Yanks
NL Wild Card: Houston

AL Champ: Sox
NL Champ: Astros

World Champ: Sox (Who says us Sox fans are doomsayers!?)

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  • I’m thinking SF may be on the right track here with the NL Cy voting, esp. with Prior out for April. As for the AL Cy, much as I love Pedro, I’m now wondering if Hudson isn’t the right answer here. Hmmm. We shall see.

    YF April 5, 2004, 3:03 pm
  • hahaha sox as champions yea and babe ruth isn’t the reason why you guys are in an 86 year slump. Geez, since you guys last won let’s see:
    Haley’s comet passed earth twice
    The radio was invented so you guys could hear yourselves lose
    Then the tv was invented so you guys could see yourself lose. I’m sorry sox fans … but if you want a good cliche .. how’s about next year is definitly THE YEAR.

    Lena October 5, 2004, 7:50 am

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