Ship Righted

All is back to being well here in Red Sox Nation. A nice outing from Pedro Thursday, a wonderfully dramatic late night comeback Friday against the hapless Royals, and then a gem today from Curt coupled with some fresh Yankee stuggles have pushed the Sox back atop the East by a pair and a half. Amidst all of this, Pokey is the new Manny (2 homers today!), his surprising prowess at the plate a statement about what should happen upon Nomar’s return – Bellhorn’s heroics last night notwithstanding.

In other news, MLB showers itself in more glory by excluding David Ortiz from the All-Star ballot. Darin Erstad, a newcomer to the first base position, makes the ballot at the spot, but Ortiz doesn’t? Go to to write in the Big Man and make it right.

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