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Tom Trebelhorn, the Orioles’ third-base coach, told Baltimore reporters that Yankees catcher Jorge Posada had threatened his hitters during a confrontation in the ninth inning. Trebelhorn said that Posada accused him of tipping off hitters to pitch location and that Posada pointed at his head and said, “You’re going to get somebody hurt.”

Pedro Martinez pointing at his head: Bad Red Sox!
Posada pointing at his head: Tough Yankee?

What is it, Yanks fans?

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  • God bless you, Raul IbaƱez.

    Anonymous September 12, 2004, 5:46 pm
  • Ignore that off-topic comment, meant to post that elsewhere.

    Anonymous September 12, 2004, 5:47 pm
  • SF again puts words in people’s mouths. What Jorge said was that when a batter expects a pitch outside because of Trebelhorn’s sign stealing (which Torre and the Yanks is a part of baseball) then Jorge would counter with an inside pitch. Jorge said that with the lack of control of Yankee pitchers the opposing batter may get hurt. That is what he said and you could look it up online if you want. Jorge understands sign stealing fully, to the point that he realizes batters could get hits or get seriously hurt because of it. Please rescind your implications about Jorge as they are completely worng.

    Anonymous September 12, 2004, 7:03 pm
  • Yes, I am sure that Jorge needs to make sure that Trebelhorn understands all there is to know about baseball strategy and the ins and outs of stuff like this.
    Oh, Jorge said it? It must be true! Come on…

    SF September 13, 2004, 1:14 pm
  • So what it comes down to is not the content of what Jorge said, but that you think Jorge is just a liar. Can you give me a list of the Yankees you think have a tendency to lie? That way I will know that you’re not criticizing the content of the what they say but just that they are liars.

    JCL (YF) September 13, 2004, 3:12 pm
  • Are you saying that what Jorge says is 100% trustworthy, even though if he said anything but what he said he’d be showing himself to be threatening another team’s players and thereby revealing himself? Is he that stupid? Catchers are in the business of explaining away pitchers (and their own) malicious intentions; there’s barely a piece of the public record where a catcher says “sure, we threatened them, we’re throwing at their heads if they steal any more signs”. It’s just never admitted.
    So what I am saying is that whatever Jorge said in this case ought to be taken with a massive dose of skepticism, since he A) pointed at his head, and B) possibly threatened the other team. Jorge’s not a liar: all catchers are liars, pretty much (except Varitek, of course ;) ) It’s just like what Pedro said last year about pointing at HIS head – he said he was telling Jorge to “think” about what he was saying to Pedro, not pointing at his head in a threatening manner. But I think most Yanks fans didn’t buy that at all (in fact, he was leveled by the local press), and if that’s one’s standard, not believing the player on the Red Sox, then one ought not double their standard when speaking of the Yankees – that’s the crux of what I was posting about.
    And yes, of course, all Yankees are liars. Silly question. It goes with the uniform.

    SF September 13, 2004, 7:06 pm

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