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Sitting by the Bay in FLA

The Sox head down to Tampa for a big intradivision pair. Comment about the action here.

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Didn’t Garza throw pretty close to Tex’s head? And didn’t he ADMIT to doing this after the game? And didn’t he ONLY get fined?
I recall Beckett and Joba getting suspended, I think, for this. And they didn’t even cop to it.

What is it with the Sox and Garza? I know he’s a good pitcher, but the Sox make him look like Bob fucking Gibson.

Some guys have a team’s number. Why did the Sox suck so bad in general against Tampa last year?
But Lester’s been just a touch better so far.

I think it might speak to Garza’s potential and his immaturity, why Minnesota was quick to deal him.

Or, the Twins are simply stupid. That trade netted them Delmon Young, and cost them both Garza and Jason Bartlett.

IBM, Halladay was sick-good tonight until 2 hanging breaking balls in a row in the 8th inning.
Re: the Garza/Teix thing yes, Joba threw one over Longoria’s head and Garza purposefully hit Teix and then copped to it. First I can recall a pitcher admitting it and yet there was no disciplinary action.

2 things:
First, why on earth is Halladay pitching the 9th in Toronto? He promptly gives another shot, this one to Matsui. WTF, Cito?
Second, come on SFs, show yourselves – this is the first time in ages the Yankees gamer has more comments than a Sox gamer! That cannot stand.

I think IH is saying this is the first time he’s heard a pitcher actually admit chucking at a guy’s head and not being disciplined for that.

Yes SF has my meaning right. Meanwhile at the Rogers Centre, Mo did not have it tonight but barely got out of it anyway. Hope he gets it back by Thursday!

It really looked like they were going to win this game, too. But I don’t think the Sox are scoring any more runs tonight. Oh well, back to 1.5 back. At least Mitre’s starting tomorrow!

Hey, the Sox get three lousy hits and two runs off a guy with a high-3s ERA, and the bullpen shits the bed after their starter is nails? Deserved loss, basically. Hopefully we aren’t four games back after Sunday, but I wouldn’t be shocked.

We HAVE to win the games that Beckett and Lester start. Or, we have to win like 80% of their starts, considering the dreck that is the performance of the 3-5 starters right now. This kind of eventual loss is pathetic.

Bard was in for the strikeout. And, not to take away from the error and the terrible walk to Pena, but the Ump was terrible in the Zobrist at bat. According to Pitch/FX, only one pitch was out of the strike zone on that walk.

Would love to claim the reverse jinx there, but I was truly not expecting that. Well done, MDC.

by the way SF, I don’t post here much, but don’t take my name the wrong way- not directed at you at all (just realized how it could be read). shortened for soxfan-fool, is all.

Dan Wheeler can cut out the annoying hand-rattles-the-ball-in-the-glove thing any day now.
Meanwhile, it would be nice if THE SOX COULD GET ONE FUCKING HIT ALREADY.

Impressive righting-of-the-ship by the Boston pen after what looked like a possible runaway inning.

Ah, RamRam. A constant reminder of how much I do not miss Coco Crisp. Hey, anyone know Andy Marte’s doing these days?

I almost wish Tampa had won it there, because I’m sure they’re going to win the game and now we just get to run through the bullpen some more.
Good work from RamRam, though.

I also love the depth V-Mart gives the Sox, so Lowell can get that IBB off the bench.

I take the kids to his tae kwon do class and we’re up by 2 and I come home to bases loaded, no outs in the 10th? Dammit

Well, this has turned into quite a game. I’m beginning to think the Sox might score…but now I’m worried Papelbon is destined to give up at least 1 run.

I’ve been listening since the seventh, and this game is officially one of my least favorites.

I’m very intermittently checking in on this game as I pack for an extended trip to the west coast – the last 4 or 5 times I checked it seemed like the game was about to end one way or the other. Hope you guys get some sleep…see you back here Thurs night.

Seems like the Sox are actually going to end up playing 3 games in Tampa at this rate.

Thanks IBM (though re: your question about playing Cincinatti, I think the answer is “because you already get to play Baltimore”).

Though, of course, they won’t get to the 13th, so it’s academic.
Aaaaand another leadoff walk.

Wow, time for lucky 13.
Per the Globe’s _Extra Bases_: “Clay Buchholz just jogged down to the bullpen for emergency duty.”

Win or lose, this game is going to have a terrible hangover effect on the Yankees series.

Another leadoff walk! How many is that now? Maybe they’ve been trying to subtly do as you suggest for many innings now, RBF.

Tampa put the leadoff man on in the 9th and every inning since, except when Paps pitched the 11th. Led off the 8th with a homer and then a walk.

Why were we pitching to Longoria in that situation? That’s just a no-brainer IBB. I was so sure we were walking him, I had mentally tuned out until he hit the homer. I am baffled at the decision to pitch to the Rays’ most dangerous hitter in that situation.

The worst thing about losing a game like that is realizing how many hours I spent watching it.

I’ve been saying for two goddam years that our pitchers let that fucker get way too comfortable in the batter’s box. Two fucking home runs tonight. But we can’t buzz him. Nooooooo.

Gah, I’m still thinking about how much time I wasted just so they could pitch to Longoria with 1B open. UGH.

“I really was just trying to extend the inning, get a base hit and get somebody into scoring position,” Longoria said.
Not that it matters, but this is clearly BS. First, there was already someone on 3rd. Second, that was about as hard a swing-for-the-fences swing as possible.

IH – he’s trying to be like Derek Jeter, except for without doing his homework, heh.

Ya, I was watching this game, and I actually looked away for a little bit because I thought they wouldn’t pitch to him. Well, I was wrong, and so were they!

It was a horrible decision to let their best hitter beat them. Bad Tito!
That being said, bullpen guys will get called up today, so I happen to think that Bowden is a better alternative than Saito/Delcarmen/Oki anyhow, so I’m not that worried.
The only bad deal would be if Penny only goes three or four innings; such a thing would not do well to set up the NY series. But, I also believe that our bullpen is still fine, last night excluded.

Masterson wouldn’t have given up the homer :)
No, he would have walked him, then given up a double to the next guy!

Penny is going to have to hold runners tonight. Or, they’re going to need to put Martinez behind the dish to at least slow down that Rays team.

Victor Martinez has a 15% caught stealing rate this year.
Any word from Ortiz on his hunt for Truth? The backlash from the MSM is deafening.

Any word from Ortiz on his hunt for Truth? The backlash from the MSM is deafening.
Dude, does this drivel have to keep up every day. I’m sure he’ll talk when he’s ready to talk. Why do you care so much?

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