Sizemore DFA’d: Twins-Sox Gamer II

Thanks for your time, Grady.  It appears your offensive and defensive skills are not what they once were.  Too bad, so sad.  Here’s a million dollars and change to make you feel better (no, you won’t be earning those plate appearance/days on roster bonuses, thank you).

In the meantime, the Sox won another 1-0 game yesterday, and Rubby caught fire after a slightly rocky start to have a perfect innings 4-7.  Gooooooooood.  Next, we’ve got Hughes vs. Lester.  Which looks like a more competitive matchup now than it would have at the beginning of April.  But Hughes has sucked at Fenway (against better offensive teams than this, sure) and hopefully he will continue to do so.  And stop sucking so much, offense.  Comment away.

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