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Slappy Hearts Petey!

From today’s Globe:

"I’ve been in the majors for 10 years, and for me the best pitcher I’ve seen is Pedro Martinez," Alex Rodriguez said in a television interview in the Dominican Republic, according to the Associated Press. "He is a genius with the ball, has incredible discipline and knowledge of baseball. I love him and respect him a lot."

Love and respect from the Yankees? If Martinez feels at all disrespected by the offers he received from the Sox, he can hardly object to the choir of pinstripers serenading him.

"To play with Pedro is one of the dreams I still have to accomplish," Rodriguez said, "but we’ll see."

Who knew A-Rod was so enamored with Pedro, that it is one of his "dreams" to play with the guy?  Somehow this comes off as so insincere, a blatant piece of kiss-assery.  If Pedro signs with the Sox, who’s next?  I can already hear Slappy uttering  something like "it’s always been one of my lifelong dreams to play alongside Jose Lima…"

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