Small Sample Spectacular

A peek at that Yankee CF competition:

Melky Cabrera: 8 ab, 1h, 0 xbh, 0 bb, 1 k
Brett Gardner: 10 ab, 5h, 2 hr, 2b,* 1 bb, 1 k, 2 sb
*one was a cheapie  

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I wonder how sound of an idea it is for any club to choose roles for players based on spring training performance. Say Gardner has a great spring and Melky has a poor one, should that be what guides their decision?

Brett Gardner = Gary Scott
No, no, no, not true.
Gardner is better than Scott. But during spring training I’m often reminded of Scott, who had one of the all-time great springs, and Harry Caray pleading for him to make the team as the Chubs headed north. He did, and played in a whopping 62 games over two seasons. That first year he was send to Triple-A within six weeks.
You guys NEED Melky to be your CF. And if Gardner fades away, you’ll always have Kevin Maas.

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