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So Late It’s Early: Yanks-Ms Gamer

Placing this gamer up early so I won’t be late when it gets early later, right? It’s AJ against King Felix at SafeCo. Tomorrow is Sabathia v. Fister, while Sunday has Joba facing Snell. I will be at Sunday’s game, but work beckons tonight. Have at your Friday evening Yankees conversation and gamer talk right here.

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Why the F-CK didn’t Melky try and throw him out???? Didn’t dive for the double, then doesn’t throw home. Not cool.

Ummmmm…so is this the inning in which he throws “one bad pitch”, after tossing 25 or so not-good ones?

Teixeira does his Brett Favre impersonation. Not really sure what that was about, but anyway…just one more out AJ. Try to get it before they bat around in this inning.

What is going on in the outfield tonight?!? Melky having issues going to his left tonight. Anyway, he caught it so AJ actually LIMITS DAMAGE. Hope that was his bad inning for the night.

Angels put the last nail in the Rangers coffin tonight and the Twins start to make it interesting in the AL Central (would rather face Minnesota than Detroit frankly).
And Matsui is hot as wasabi…then Gutierrez robs Swisher of an RBI double. Melky would have run past that one.

The Yanks crushed 3 balls to right in that inning but nothing to show for it. Time to ride the AJ roller coaster again…

OK, 2 outs one on.
In this game you have the one active player with more career hits than Jeter (Griffey) and the one player with more hits this season than Jeter (Ichiro). And Ichiro flies out to end the inning. Nuke Lalouche lives to pitch another inning.

Would someone pull a Jeff Gilooly on Gutierrez in center please? The Yankees are crushing the ball but he’s like plastic-man out there.


Actual conversation:
Mrs. Krueg: “They need to stop hitting it where he is…”
Krueg: “…he’s everywhere.”

Love it krueg! Greetings to the wife!
AJ threatening to log an even faster half-inning than Felix. Sweet-swinging Griffey at the plate…

I’m telling you, they are smashing these balls, especially the lefties…Damon with the leas-off double, then to 3rd on the wild pitch. Come on Teix!

Errrr, I meant Cano, not Teix. And he promptly Ks. So much for lefties… Still only one out – that’s a huge run out there on 2nd Melky!

Another wild one – 1st and 3rd now. Get that runner in! This is a time I wish Posada wasn’t serving his supension…

F-cking GIDP. OK, I’ll play second guesser, WHY THE HELL DIDN”T YOU PINCH HIT FOR JOSE JOE?????

Molina GIDPs and Felix is still under 90 pitches through 7. If AJ can keep it together for one more inning we can turn to Hughes/Mo…come on!!!

Jeter coulda shoulda had that. 2-out single. I think Joe’s right to keep AJ out there. After his last 9 starts or so he needs this. One more out and he logs a great start here.

See ya Krueg – gonna get ready to crash and listen to the rest via the soothing and silver-tongued Sterling and Waldman duo.

Wow, all with two outs.
I guess we could get it out of his system before the playoffs. Tough game to lose. These are the games that might happen come playoff time, against Verlander or whoever..
Ichiro 4-5 today. The Yanks had 8 hits and quite enough opportunities, I guess we’re due for a walk off the other way..

Mo=human. Oh well. Tough way to start a west coast swing, but we’ve got cc tomorrow. Need another strong one from him.
This is how seattle wins all their games – by a run.

Sucks that they lost, but I will gladly take a solid outing from Burnett over a messy win at this point.

Yep, AJ having a solid start for once is a HUGE positive…Mo has blown 2 saves all year, can’t really get on him for one bad game.
CC going for #18 tonight!!!

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