So, Yankee Fans…..

Our team blows. The Stadium's a sham. The Sox can't lose……Anyone ready to pull a Specter? How's SFSF sound? 


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The Stadium’s a sham……
Regardless of that, FAN is reporting right now that the prices have all been dropped in the expensive parts of the park, so they’ve been listening. Or had their eyes open. Whichever. Nobody wants the front rows empty while Jacoby is running wild on the basepaths.:)

Actually, I take that back. Something about the higher level ($) ticket holders are being given some free seats or something..
But, they’re saying that there are some re-opened tickets at a very good price on

It’s not knowing which is the official hat or colors that would do me in as potential Sox fan. Every time I turn on NESN they’re wearing a different combination.
I’ve always liked Specter. If anyone deserves to hold very important leverage in the Senate it’s him – much better than Lieberman. Now if only they can convince Snowe to do the same.

the yankees did the right thing today and reduced their ticket prices including refunds to those who have purchased tickets.
Woooo! Great job mediots! You just made the park less expensive for the richest fans! Well done! Meanwhile, absolutely nothing changes for slobs like me.
So let me get this straight: A fake controversy about a Richie Rich park gets parlayed into cheaper seats for Richie Rich? The media got played regarding less than 5% of the total seats. Good work!

From Richard Sandomir:
“The moves by Steinbrenner amount to changing the prices on just a few hundred seats and follow up on his recent comments that some prices were too high”
I don’t understand how this does anything, other than cut prices for the highest echelon buyers. The Yankees first need to revisit some of their highly restrictive access policies to these and other sections at some point during the ballgame so that fans might be able to filter in after a certain point, say, sixth inning? And, they should have just given away another few hundred tickets a game to charity – they both fill the seats and come off as generous. They still don’t really get it: the stadium is a massively segregated piece of architecture even with these price drops and givebacks.

Phil Hughes pitching tonight in a tough situation. Win and maybe he’ll earn some respect, lose and the Yanks loses 5 in a row. That’s a bit much..

SF – if they’d given away a few hundred otherwise-to-be-empty seats, I’d see them as *attempting to come off as* generous. Not actually generous. But maybe I’m cynical.
Either way, I agree that cutting the $1000 seats down to $800 or even $500 is basically pointless. Keep most of those prices the same but convert an entire section to discount seating, or something.

” much better than Lieberman”
As is just about every single oxygen or non-oxygen consuming orgainism on this planet. :)

“Our team blows. The Stadium’s a sham. The Sox can’t lose….”
Well at least 1 of the 3 is correct. I was looking for the humor tag before I made a comment but couldn’t find one. I will not hit the panic button and say this team “blows” because it doesn’t, not yet at least. Let the SP’ing settle in, let Alex return and give the injured players a chance to get back and contribute. This is a very good team. The bullpen will be good, give it time. Bruney was lights out before his DL stint, Marte, Melancon, etc…they will be just fine. The Yankees are playing right now without their best hitter, their starting RF’r, their #2 SP and their set up man…injuries are never an excuse long term, but short term give them a break.
As for the stadium, I get it you don’t like the new place and you have major issues with the empty seats, but it’s far from a “sham.” This Saturday will be my 4th game of the season and each time I go, I grow to like it even more. It’s different than the old place, but it’s far more welcoming and inviting to the kids and casual fans. Like it or not this game needs help, we need to have the bells and whistles in order to keep the interest of the younger generation. This place has a ton to do for kids, heck they even sell kids meals! (PB&J, grilled cheese, juice box…) We are all entitled to our opinion though.
The funny part about this famous “$2500” seats is that there are only 48 of them and they are almost completely sold out. Price has nothing to do with those seats being filled. There are other issues. I have sat in 3 different sections, 100’s, 200’s and bleachers, there are hardly any empty seats if any at all. Again, who cares that those seats are empty unless it means Sabathia is going to pitch better or it means Alex will heal faster.

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