So Kevin Brown is apparently

So Kevin Brown is apparently on his way here, for Weaver, two minor leaguers, and a few million bucks. Pettitte, Weaver, Clemens, Johnson, two minor leaguers and cash for Vazquez and Brown is the net situation. Is there a more clear indication that Brian Cashman and his staff are mere puppets? Will YF agree that there is one, and only one, person running the show here? The strategy with Pettitte was horrid (that’s the last I will say about the incompetent way the Yankees handled his free agency), and I fail to see how a 39 year old player signed for 15M per both this and next year is an adequate replacement for the Yankees most consistent pitcher of the last 9 years. Add in the fact that Brown is a high risk w/r/t health and is switching leagues, and you have a great example of amatuerish front-office/ownership activity. The end situation is that, even if the A-Rod deal doesn’t happen, the Sox have added Schilling to last year’s team, have a new manager with a brain, and have given up nothing. The Yanks, on the other hand, are left to overspend, make rash trades just to keep up, which may, on paper, be an impossibility. It’s kind of tragic but uplifting, all at the same time.