So much for the Sox

So much for the Sox hitting their “psychological end”, as I termed it last week. Mea Culpa. As out of it as they looked last week, they looked into it this weekend. Lowe seems to be getting better, and the team is hitting. I suppose a team that has for the better part of this year,relied on its hitting is going to go through such patches where they just can’t win. They befuddle me. As for the Yankees, well, the New York Times is already calling their signing of Contreras “vindicated” after yesterday’s start. Not that he isn’t going to be good and tough down the stretch if healthy, but I don’t see how a good starts (one against the ORIOLES, no less) all of a sudden “vindicates” a $32M outlay. Let’s see what Jose does the rest of the way, in the post-season, and beyond, before we start “vindicating” that kind of signing. He looks tough, but he hasn’t proven anything yet. Next thing you know, Tyler Kepner will be saying that the marginal prospects the Yankees received in return for Hitchcock “vindicate” their having given him a 3-year, $16M bonehead contract. Yankee apologist journalism never ceases to amaze me.