So Very, Very Sorry


Jason Giambi apologized to the New York Yankees. He apologized to his teammates. He apologized to fans. He never said why he was apologizing.
—The New York Times

Steroids, you say? Some other possibilities:

-That ding on Jeter’s Bentley? Whoops!
-There was no tumor. Spent last August watching “I Love the 80s” reruns
-Singing “Turning Japanese” in dugout during Matsui at bats
-Forgot to tape season finale of “Wife Swap” for A-Rod
-Regifting autographed Bernie Williams “Journey Within” CD
-Borrowing Sheffield’s “self-tanner” without permission
-Accidentally losing Kevin Brown’s squeezy ball
-Didn’t really get all the Yiddishkeit in Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays”
-Missing Joe Torre’s Learning Annex appearance
-A certain deodorant ad [see above]
-Voted for Dubya
-In Ohio
-2004 batting average: .208

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  • Is it just me, or does it seem like the sports media is doing a far better job of parsing Jason Giambi’s useless media appearance yesterday than the conventional media did during the entire run-up to the Iraq war? Maybe we should move Jayson Stark and Dave Anderson to the White House beat. The commentary about Giambi’s comments in print and on the web today, from the Times to ESPN, has been far more critical and skeptical of the useless subject of Giambi’s steroid use than any of the press corps covering our current leaders. Judith Miller et al. could learn a lesson here.

    SF February 11, 2005, 1:26 pm

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